The Qualifications, Curriculum and Material you need to Homeschool your Child

Homeschooling in Australia is an exciting and rewarding way to connect with your children and take a roll in their educational journey. When choosing to homeschool, many questions will naturally arise about what is required to begin. New homeschool parents often wonder what qualifications they need, what a curriculum should include, and what other materials are involved. In our combined hands-on and online homeschool curriculum, we supply the content, and we’ll give you the support and homeschool resources you need to do the teaching. This article is your go-to place for accessing all your homeschooling needs from one location. If you’re in the process of deciding whether or not to homeschool, or you’re early on in the operation, bookmark this page so you can come back at any time. 


Wondering whether you’re qualified to be a homeschool teacher for your kids? This is one of the most common concerns for parents researching online homeschool curricula. We have good news for you!

  • You do not need teaching qualifications to homeschool your children: The programs in Euka were created by qualified teachers so that you don’t have to be. You’ll receive all the content and guidelines necessary to carry out online homeschooling, no matter the grade. Our team of teachers take a full year to write one Grade program, allowing you to enjoy being the learning support coach, rather than using all your energy to program your lessons. 
  • You can track your child’s learning: We provide weekly tasks and hands-on activities that will help you determine how well your child is comprehending and applying the homeschool lessons so you know if you need to focus on a particular subject or concept in greater depth. 
  • Your child is meeting all standards for the Australian Curriculum: While our lessons are more creative and engaging for children than much of the mainstream curricula, they still cover the Australian Curriculum in its entirety, but in a way that may be more digestible for many students. 
  • We’re here to help: If you’re not feeling confident about your teaching abilities or your child’s progress, we have qualified teachers available online to help you through the process. 

Now that you know you’re totally qualified to start online homeschooling in Australia, let’s have a look at the program and materials included.


Our homeschool curriculum doesn’t require any fancy supplies that you can’t get at the local shop, the grocery store, or likely in your own house. At the beginning of each week’s lesson, you will be provided with a list of materials to have on hand for various projects and creative learning activities that you can do with your children. Don’t worry about buying too many things ahead of time, you can go step by step.


The best part about choosing a combined hands-on and online homeschool curriculum is that all the hard work is done for you when it comes to lesson plans and developing appropriate content. Our homeschool curriculum is flexible and able to be personalised without requiring you to start from scratch. See our full curriculum here.