Euka ID

Euka ID is a unique and secure Identity number given to every student to access their Euka learning platform

What is the Euka ID

Your student’s Euka ID will be the primary method in which we identify and provide material to your student. This means:

  • More data security and privacy, allowing you to focus on learning without worry
  • Faster response times on issues you may have as we can easily pinpoint your child’s account
  • More efficient services that can identify you accurately and provision a more personalised experience

What do I need to do?

We will send an email to the parent email account you have nominated. There, you will find your child’s Euka ID and a button to set your password. Once you have completed that, all you have to do is log in with your Euka ID and your set!

Your Questions. Answered.

Once your child has received an ID, it will be stored in our records against their name. We have a simple process for your to request to recover that ID, follow it and we will email it over to you.

When you enrol in your first course, we will send you an email with your child’s Euka ID. This will stay with you for every subsequent course that you enrol in.

If we need to send you anything, all documents and communications will be sent via the parent email you have nominated on your child’s account

Yes, we have developed the Euka ID with a vetted, secure solution assessed by multiple national and international governments and trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

Each child will receive their own Euka ID. In the email communications we send you, we will make it clear which ID belongs to which child.