Guide to Homeschooling for High School

Putting time and energy into your teenager’s high school experience through home education is a rewarding experience. When they reach high school, it’s a time when they become self-sufficient, develop new skills and interests, and build connections as they work towards decisions about their future aspirations.

We know that it can be hard to keep your teen interested in learning and help them through high school, whether they’re homeschooled or attend traditional classroom-based education. However, by following our guide, we offer a range of ideas so you can empower your teens with a love for and confidence in learning.

Tips on Homeschooling Your Highschool Age Children

Whether your teen has experienced home education their whole life or it’s a new adventure as they enter high school, it’s a phase neither of you has explored before. There are ways to make this new stage in your child’s education a nurturing and engaging experience that will be some of your teenager’s best years yet; let us share how:

Set Goals

While the Euka team believes that self-paced learning produces results, setting goals equips you and your teen with a focus on their future aspirations. Some of these goals can be as simple as what achievements we can reach today, this week, or this month. 

Other plans can look further into the future and examine the skills your teen will need to acquire if they plan to attend university or further education, as well as the steps necessary to make this happen. 

Depending on your teen, setting small daily goals may work best as they feel more achievable, whereas others may like knowing the bigger picture from the moment they enter high school education. Getting the right balance can help motivate and inspire your teens.

Choose Subjects that Develop Your Teenager’s Strengths

Within the Australian Curriculum, there are subjects that each high school student must complete to graduate. However, when choosing electives, your teen is left with 140 options from which to make their choices.

It may seem overwhelming at first to both the teen and yourself. However, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover more about what interests them, their passions, and where they see themselves in the future.

If you let your teens take charge of their learning by making elective choices with your guidance, they will feel more confident and want to learn more.

Additionally, at Euka, once your teen hits grade 9, we can further help build their strengths through:

  • Apprenticeship connections
  • Work opportunities
  • Traineeships
  • Pathways towards university. 

Keep Thorough Records

Keeping records is essential for all homeschooling grades and is even more so as students progress through high school. Results from annual tests and other documents, such as completed curricula, help put together a portfolio and show progress to state homeschooling bodies.

Keeping records is also a great way to motivate your teen, who may lack confidence and need a morale boost, by looking back at their progress. 

Set Up a Schedule that Enables Flexibility

Often, high school students feel restricted by the timetable that schools adhere to, especially if learning in a structured environment isn’t conducive to their learning style. Set a schedule but remain flexible when preparing your teen for homeschooling high school education.

Homeschooling is busier than most people expect, especially as your children progress through the grades. Creating a schedule can ensure your teen is getting all their educational needs met. However, flexibility is also required because directions may change throughout the day.

Sometimes your teen might be interested in a subject and want to keep learning more before moving on. By having a flexible schedule and giving your teen some control over their learning schedule, they’re likely to be more focused on their learning, leading to more consistent results.

The High school Experience Doesn’t Need to Replicate the Class-based experience

It can be easy to think that higher education needs to mimic the classroom experience. Yet one of the reasons many families choose homeschooling is the difference between how children learn at home and in traditional classroom-based education.

Self-paced learning is just as useful for teens starting high school and can be changed to fit their needs. With the help of Euka, many families have been able to get their children through kindergarten through grade 12 by choosing their education methods rather than mimicking classroom-based learning. 

Celebrate No Homework!

Often, teens dread having homework and find it more of a chore than a learning experience. Home education eliminates the need for homework because there is more focused time throughout the day. This means teens get the rest they need once their school day has finished, relieving what can be a stressful experience for some students.

Remember to Make It Fun!

We know your teen’s education is serious business because it impacts their future aspirations. However, teenagers are already dealing with a host of new emotions and an increased level of learning. 

During all this newness, it can be easy for you and your teen to get bogged down in schoolwork and forget about the fun. Being flexible in your high school homeschool experience and making time for some fun can be a real asset to your teen’s high school years. 

Use Many & Varied Resources

There are numerous free and paid resources for homeschoolers in high school, including Euka, which helps students thrive through future learning. 

We exist to pave the way for teens to reach their potential through individualised learning opportunities that are flexible and relevant to their learning styles. We organise everything using the following for worry-free learning for high schoolers:

  • Self-paced programs
  • Lesson plans
  • Real-world application of learning
  • Hands-on lessons
  • Pathways to university
  • Live catch-up clubs
  • We combine online & downloadable learning experiences.

Choose Euka to Support Your Teen’s High School Education

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