On-the-road tips to make it work

So you are planning a trip. More and more families are off on “The Big Lap” of Australia; others are heading for distant shores (when borders open). Your travel plans fit in wonderfully with homeschooling.

It can feel daunting when thinking about the educational needs of your children, however, with good planning and a flexible schedule, you will find your child will learn not just the curriculum content but a whole lot more. Here are 6 tips that will help you make the most of this wonderful learning adventure.

Have a system to cover the basics

Taking the stress out of your schooling plans is vital. After all, the very idea behind a trip is to relax and enjoy an adventure. Families who are travelling and enrolled in Euka can be confident nothing will be missed while still having the vast majority of their days to explore their environment.

Some families choose to do one novel as an audiobook for all the children and then have them complete the literature activities at their own level or via discussion rather than worksheets.

Choosing the lessons you complete on paper and discussion with others will give you the flexibility needed and the confidence that your children are covering all their school level requirements.

Trust in play

Play is vital and an excellent tool for learning. Wherever possible, prioritise active play and blend the program in with the natural rhythm of the day. If the children are playing on the playground, throw in some spelling word challenges or times table quick draw questions. Act out the history lesson or make the science experiment an after-dinner family activity. Remember, not ALL lessons need to be completed, and a filled-in worksheet is not the only sign of a successful lesson.

expand on interests

The more you can tie your child’s education to their interests and life and show them practical applications, the more they’ll remember. Travelling offers an unbeatable way to do this – as you explore different areas, you’ll incidentally learn about history, geography, geology, science, meteorology, natural resources, sociology, politics, and economy. You can adjust the education program as you discover what lights your children up. We are always happy to provide additional levels of learning if you find your child takes a genuine interest in a particular subject and needs an extension.

Let other people teach your kids

Guided tours, museums, national park rangers and others are fantastic ways for experts to provide invaluable learning. There is nothing as effective as hearing from an expert who is passionate about their field. Giving your child the opportunity to learn from a variety of people brings their learning alive.

Don’t underestimate the power of hands-on experience

There is nothing as satisfying or memorable as discovering with our own two hands. Euka is built on the understanding that to fully learn new concepts, they should be tied to hands-on activities. Everyday jobs such as shopping for groceries, reading maps, choosing a campsite and setting up the camper trailer are fantastic learning opportunities that provide children with hands-on knowledge they won’t get in a classroom.

For example, spending time as a family creating a catapult while studying Vikings will not only be a fun afternoon but a memorable lesson linking the learning on Vikings in a way that cannot be done in a textbook.

Kids soak in so much through their life experiences, more than we can possibly imagine. Learning skills in the real world is extremely valuable and will be used for years to come. Blending these lessons with educational lessons is a fantastic way to give children a boost in their learning.

use the time to strengthen weak areas

Nothing beats one-on-one tutoring. If you know your child is struggling in a particular area, travelling provides a great opportunity to help them master it. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t mastered the subject yourself – one of the myths of modern education is that you need to be an expert to teach anything. Learning alongside your children can be just as helpful and an awful lot of fun. Ask Euka teachers to add the lower level of the particular subject and ensure it is fun and achievable. Then skip over lessons your child is familiar with. In this way, they can boost their confidence and cover any gaps as you zoom ahead.

Travelling is a wonderful lifestyle, and the learning and experience you will all gain will be invaluable. For more inspiration, check out “let’s go mum” a Euka family of intrepid explorers:

We have hundreds of families enrolled with Euka, and registered, as they travel all over the world. You can be confident your child will cover the full curriculum but also have the flexibility that travelling requires. This means when they return, they will have no problems if moving back into mainstream school.

There are differences in how the various States approach travelling while homeschooling. It is wise to contact a team member to discuss the path to success with registration. The Euka support team can provide advice and guidance when registering and travelling.