Homeschooling in Australia: Is It Legal?

Families are choosing to homeschool over traditional education more and more. Homeschooling has become the education of choice for many families because it better suits their children’s needs. As it gains traction, a common question arises: is homeschooling legal in Australia? 

As we look into the legality of homeschooling, we will take a look at the different regulations across the states and territories of Australia.

We will also consider the advantage of using a Curriculum like EUKA to meet legal State requirements .

Homeschooling Legality in Australia

Homeschooling is legal in Australia. Each state and territory has its own set of regulations and requirements for homeschooling families.

Generally, parents or guardians who choose to homeschool their children must register with their respective state or territory’s education department and adhere to the necessary guidelines. 

Let’s take a closer look at the regulations in each jurisdiction and the required legalities:

New South Wales (NSW)

Those living in NSW must register with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) for homeschool education.

Submitting an application, developing a comprehensive education program in line with the Australian Curriculum, and participating in regular reviews to ensure your child receives a good education, are required by parents. 


The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) oversees homeschooling in Victoria.

Registration for your children includes providing a learning plan that outlines your choice of an educational program that complies with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) requirements.


The Queensland Department of Education manages homeschooling in this state.

Parents must register with the Home Education Unit (HEU) and develop a written report outlining their educational program.

Regular reporting and record-keeping are essential, and the HEU conducts periodic reviews to ensure that homeschooling families comply with the state’s requirements.

South Australia

Homeschooling families in South Australia must register with the Education Standards Board (ESB).

Parents are required to submit an application and a learning plan that aligns with the Australian Curriculum.

The ESB conducts regular reviews to ensure homeschooled children receive a well-rounded education.

Western Australia

The Western Australian Department of Education is responsible for homeschooling registration and regulation.

Parents must register their children for homeschooling and develop an educational plan in line with the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline. Regular reporting and evaluations are required.


The Office of the Education Registrar manages homeschooling in this island state.

Parents must register their children with the Office of the Education Registrar and provide a learning plan based on the requirements set out by the Registrar.

Families must participate in regular reviews to ensure they’re meeting educational standards.

Australia Capital territory (ACT)

Homeschooling families in the ACT must register with the Education Directorate.

Parents will be required to submit an application, develop a learning plan aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and participate in regular reviews.

These guidelines ensure your child is receiving an adequate education.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Department of Education oversees homeschooling in this region.

Parents must register their children, provide a learning plan aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and participate in regular reviews to ensure they meet educational standards.

Euka curriculum meets state regulations for homeschooling

The EUKA Curriculum is a flexible, comprehensive, and customisable homeschooling program designed to meet the diverse needs of families educating their children at home. 

The EUKA Curriculum offers a well-rounded education that adheres to the highest educational standards by focusing on core subjects and incorporating additional electives.

The Curriculum is also designed with adaptability, making it suitable for various learning styles, grade levels, and State regulations.

Aligning euka curriculum with state regulations

The EUKA Curriculum meets the requirements of various state regulations for homeschooling and pivots your child toward future learning. It does so by addressing several key aspects:

Curriculum Framework: Based on a comprehensive framework that covers all core subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and more.

By providing a solid foundation in these areas, the Curriculum ensures compliance with state requirements for subject coverage.

Customisable Learning Plans: One of the most significant advantages of the EUKA Curriculum is its flexibility in developing customised learning plans.

This feature allows parents to tailor their child’s education to align with state-specific requirements and standards, ensuring they meet or exceed the necessary criteria.

Assessments & Record Keeping: State regulations often require homeschooling families to maintain accurate records and demonstrate their child’s progress through regular assessments.

The EUKA Curriculum includes tools and resources for evaluations, progress tracking, and record-keeping, making it easier for parents to meet these requirements.

Accessibility & Inclusivity: The EUKA Curriculum is accessible and inclusive, catering to various learning styles and abilities.

By offering a range of learning materials and support resources, it’s possible to adapt the Curriculum to suit state regulations concerning special education and accommodations.

Benefits of using euka curriculum for homeschooling

It’s highly beneficial to use the EUKA Curriculum for homeschooling as part of your homeschooling plan:

  1. Adherence to Educational Standards: The EUKA Curriculum meets or exceeds state educational standards, ensuring that homeschooled children receive a high-quality education that aligns with regulatory requirements.
  2. Flexibility: The Curriculum’s customisable nature allows parents to tailor the educational experience to their child’s unique needs, interests, and abilities, providing a personalised approach to learning.
  3. Comprehensive Resources: We offer many resources, including lesson plans, assessments, and supplementary materials, making it easier for parents to plan and implement an effective homeschooling program to meet their state’s guidelines.
  4. Support for Parents: By providing guidance, tools, and resources for homeschooling families, the EUKA Curriculum helps parents navigate the complexities of state regulations and requirements, ensuring a successful and compliant homeschooling experience.

meet state guidelines & legalities with euka

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