Taming the Teen Art Adventures

The benefits of art in a child’s education are widespread. Art can help kids express themselves and understand the world around them. Art is usually a hands-on experience and fun. For teenage students, studies have found that kids who have more arts education see long-term benefits by both academic and social standards.

But what if your teenager has not chosen art as an elective OR what if the art in this week’s Euka lesson is not the type they enjoy? No problem…. Euka is adaptable and you are always free and encouraged to add something new to their learning program.

Before you panic, yes, some of the following art suggestions can be a little dangerous. That’s another bonus of Homeschooling with a parent close by; hobbies never done in a classroom can become a part of your teens learning journey.

Here are 7 art projects to consider the next time your teens and tweens want something a little more challenging:

#1. Wood-burning

Teens love firing up a woodburning iron and making their own game dice, story cubes, and secret decoders. They also like to make their own designs on a walking stick or spare piece of firewood too. It keeps them busy for hours and is a great way for them to make some gifts.

#2. Woodcarving

Whittling doesn’t have to be a thing of the past, and it seems so much cooler when it’s called woodcarving. Kids love to create small animals, spears, figures, and toys with their woodcarving tools, and they love just playing around carving on sticks too.

#3. Daily Watercolour Nature Journals

The practice of nature journaling is pretty popular in the Homeschooling world, but it may take some convincing to get into it. A brand-new watercolour pen and journal set to get started may help. By doing it every day for over a week, and combining it with a daily walk in nature, you may be surprised. Watching online classes on Youtube, from professional watercolour artists helps too.

#4. Sculpey Clay Figure-making

Creating figures with Sculpey clay is not a task reserved for the young. In fact, teens are able to make incredible things. They can create their favourite video game figures or a special movie character. Get out the clay kits and watch them create for hours.

#5. Tracing Projects

Sometimes teens are just not in the mood for drawing and creating from scratch. On those days, pull out the tracing paper and a book that has exceptional artwork, and trace. They may get into tracing so much that they even do a few pieces as gifts.

#6. Professional-grade Coloured Pencils

For some of us, a coloured pencil is a coloured pencil, but for those who love art more than anything else, having the right coloured pencil set is extremely important. From watercolour pencils to soft and hard, a set of pencils that make the job easier is always a draw card.

#7. Adult Colouring Books

The trend towards complicated colouring books exploded. It seems teens and adults were just waiting to be given a challenge. When you need new ideas for drawing, tracing, and colouring, open up an adult colouring book, and you’re back in your creative groove in no time.

So don’t worry if Art is not a common part of your teen’s Homeschooling week. Add a few special projects in and you may be surprised. A new and exciting hobby may just happen!