Raising Strong and Courageous Girls

It’s obvious that girls today need positive role models. There are many strong women in the spotlight – especially in Hollywood, however, those aren’t necessarily the women we want our daughters looking up to. How do we encourage our girls to be strong leaders without relying on women in the spotlight?

Firstly, remind her, often, that she’s capable of anything. Too often, little girls get the message that they’re limited in some capacity. Instead, let your daughter know there are many options for her. The future is only limited by her dreams!

Secondly, it’s important that our daughters are raised to be independent, think independently, and able to live an independent life in the future. Though many may one day enjoy the happiness of marriage, we should encourage them to invest in and develop a future that may not include a husband. Whether they choose to attend university, start their own business, work a job, or be a mum, we should teach them the life skills to enable them to do those things.  Learning how to pay bills, change the oil in the car, mow the grass, fix a leaky tap are all skills that will simply help them one day to live independently.

Teach her about female role models. Help her to understand that beauty is only skin deep, and female role models should be women who exhibit courage yet compassion and inner beauty. Does your daughter have positive female role models already? Do you know why your daughter looks up to those role models? There’s only one way to know for sure: just ASK her!

We’ve all heard – “That’s not ladylike!” or “Little girls shouldn’t behave like that”. Here are some great tips for raising that special young lady in your home:

1. Make sure your daughter knows she’s well-loved.
2. Help your daughter to love what she’s got and learn to work with it.
3. Teach your daughter that physical features aren’t the definition of beauty – that what’s inside is what really matters.
4. Guide your daughter in the appropriate ways of defending herself both physically and verbally.
5. Encourage your daughter to be strong and confident instead of inhibited by her failures.
6. Teach your daughter to never text/email inappropriate pictures of herself–ever.
7. Strongly encourage your daughter to pursue her dreams whether that involves higher education, technical training, or one day being a mum!
8. Teach your daughter that she’s never anyone else’s property.

Whether your daughter is the only girl in a household of boys or blends well amidst a sea of sisters, it’s important that she knows her worth!