Is Homeschooling Difficult?

Educating your child at home requires time and effort, but many parents find homeschooling rewarding for both themselves and their children, despite the homeschooling challenges they may face from time to time. 

Home education has become a popular choice for parents, especially during the ongoing pandemic and the ability to tailor your approach to your family’s needs and schedules. Statistics have shown that the number of Homeschooling children continues to increase.

Whenever there are homeschooling challenges, there are a multitude of resources available to help facilitate your homeschooling experience, making it easy and enjoyable for you and your child. 

There are no right or wrong ways to homeschool, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you and know we will be right there with you along the way. 

Are You Ready To Handle the Challenges of Homeschooling?

Like anything worth doing, homeschooling comes with its unique set of challenges. But not to worry, we are here to help.

We have identified some of the most common challenges families experience when homeschooling and offered 4 strategies to help make home education less stressful. 

1. You’re in charge

Homeschooling your child means you fill many awesome roles:

  • Teacher
  • Principal
  • Guidance counsellor
  • Lunch person
  • Cleaner
  • Librarian
  • Lesson planning 

This level of responsibility should be exciting as it means you get to educate your family how you want to. At Euka, our programs offer support and guidance to make sure you’re following the Australian National Curriculum and that it isn’t too overwhelming for you. In fact, Euka teachers write all your lessons, plan out your Terms and basically ensure the process is simple. 

2. More work is required

Teachers will often tell you that their first year of teaching is challenging. The same can be said for homeschooling parents when writing lesson plans for the first time, grading, setting up for each day, and other related activities performed throughout the year. Parents with Euka, do not have to tackle those challenges. All the teaching aspects are completed  by our top Australian teachers, setting you up to thrive. 

Being organised can definitely play a role in the success of your homeschooling journey, and we are always here to offer support and guidance – you are never alone in your Euka homeschooling journey. 

3. A lot of togetherness

Families that choose to homeschool get to spend lots of time together. While it is primarily a great experience, for some parents spending a large amount of focussed time with their children, this can be challenging.

Engaging with other homeschooling families or increased community involvement can work to combat these challenges and offer support on your homeschooling journey. 

4. Misconceptions and criticism

Unless it’s something you’ve considered doing, most people don’t know much about the realities of homeschooling and that’s when misconceptions present themselves. 

As the world changes, so do we and homeschooling can look very different day to day. Euka Future Learning is about facilitating valuable education that makes a difference to the lives of our students and homeschooling parents. 

Seeing your child grow and thrive in their own way will speak for itself.

Four Strategies to Guide You to Homeschooling Success 

When you become a homeschooling parent, finding ways to combat the difficulties you face will help make your time educating your children less stressful. 

There are many strategies you can put in place to make things a little easier on yourself, and we explore four ways to help make your homeschooling journey a success for you and your child. 

1. Choose a ready-made curriculum

The most effective way to lessen the challenges is to use a ready-made curriculum. It’s programs like Euka, created by Australian teachers, that still let your children learn at their own pace but in a way that follows the Australian curriculum, saving you time and uncertainty. 

Euka’s online management system assists with lesson preparation, delivery and recording to help you be organised and provide a sense of structure to avoid you feeling overwhelmed. 

2. Schedule your time to best suit your family

One major benefit of homeschooling is the ability to move away from traditional school schedules. The beauty of homeschooling means that the schedule you create can be completely suited to your family’s needs. 

Creating a schedule can look very different for each homeschooling family and can be flexible. A schedule could be scheduling breaks or more formal management of the whole school day.

Whilst it doesn’t mean you have to follow it meticulously, drafting a plan or schedule will help to avoid you and your child feeling overwhelmed in your homeschooling journey. 

3. Take care of yourself

One way to combat the complex parts of homeschooling is by ensuring that you take the time for self-care as your child’s teacher and parent. This can be as simple as taking some time to be alone, outside of your homeschooling schedule, taking a walk, reading a book or soaking in the tub.

4. Recognise the value of community

Choosing to educate your child at home doesn’t come with a loss of a community. There are a host of programs and facilities that our Euka families can utilise, such as opportunities to engage with other families who educate from home and social groups for students. 

Additionally, there are still a range of activities outside of homeschooling that you can engage with to access the value of a community such as swimming classes, sports teams or language lessons to name a few.

Is Homeschooling Worth it for Your Family?

While homeschooling can offer a multitude of benefits for homeschooling families, it’s not to say it comes without difficulties at times. However, with the challenges also come times of pure joy, discovery, and excitement through individualised learning.

Keep in mind, there are challenges to all types of education, not limited to just home education. Regardless of what is thrown at you through your homeschooling experience, some solutions can help ease any difficulties you may face. Aside from taking each day as it comes, engaging with a curriculum program like Euka takes all the planning from your load and allows you to focus on other areas of your child’s education and growth. 

Explore our resources and ask us how Euka can help your children thrive with worry-free learning.