How Does Homeschooling Affect University Admissions?

Getting your child ready for university applications, wherever their formative education took place, can be a little daunting but filled with possibilities. The process is usually different for your homeschooled child because, in Australia, they are not eligible to earn an ATAR score.

While not having an ATAR score may feel like it makes university entry impossible, it’s not true; it just means choosing different pathways. If your home-educated child is working towards further education, this guide will walk you through alternative ways to gain university entrance.

General Entry Criteria

Before we talk about specific paths, it’s essential to know that each university and degree have different requirements for getting into your chosen degree. These include:

  • An ATAR score: each university determines its score and often combines that with other grades.
  • Age: some universities require students to be a specific age before enrollment, usually around 15 or 16 years old. Other degrees with a medical component require students to be at least 17 years of age.
  • Completing prerequisites: some degrees require specific subject completion, such as maths and science, so students have functional knowledge for their chosen degree.

Some universities have strict criteria, whereas others have fewer requirements at the point of entry. The varying possibilities open the doors for different pathways, such as those explored below:

Teacher Assessed University Preparation with Euka

Regardless of whether your homeschooled child is looking to move into university, TAFE or gain work skills, we ensure that our pathways program from years 11 and 12 meets the criteria for future opportunities. 

Euka offers unique university preparation opportunities to prepare students with university pathways. Our teacher-assessed university preparation assists students applying to university Option two is non-assessed and relevant to students looking to go straight to TAFE or the workforce.

At Euka, all homeschooled students are capable and valued and deserve the opportunity to higher education should this be their choice. By providing a flexible, professional and innovative curriculum, we give homeschooled voices a future in the career of their choice. Best of all we have partner universities that guarantee you a place upon completion of our UPC course. 

Certificate to University

Gaining a TAFE certificate as a pathway to university is an option for application compliance. With many courses available online and reasonably priced, it’s just one step towards your ultimate goal of enrolling in and completing a degree. Some may decide to do this after Grade 11, instead of Grade 12. 

The work is generally easier than a university degree, but it is a gentle transition from our grade 11 university preparation programs to higher education. By choosing this path, you can work while studying in an area of interest to you. You may even find you can receive credits for some subjects. However after Grade 12, you can move directly into University rather than complete extra time and money at TAFE.

Direct Pathway

A direct pathway is a simplified way to enrol in a university of your choice. Some certificates give you a guaranteed placement at a university upon completion of the certificate.

In this circumstance, some institutions will give you credit for the certificate towards a degree, so it takes the same length of time as a degree would usually take. An example of these includes the following:

At Euka, we also have a growing number of university partners who help provide a seamless transition to further education.

Bridging Courses

Also known as preparation courses, these are typically available for mature-aged students who return to study after many years. They include subject areas such as:

  • Science
  • Academic writing
  • Study skills 
  • Maths.

The government funds these; the primary prerequisite is that you’re an Australian citizen or humanitarian visa holder. 

Standard Tertiary Admissions (STAT) Test

For homeschoolers, completing a STAT test is an excellent way to enter university. However, not all universities accept STAT results. This test doesn’t focus on academia but instead on analysis and critical thinking.

Many universities require students to be a minimum age of 18 for STAT entrants. Euka students are supported to sit the STAT exam if they choose to, in Grade 12. 

Audition/Portfolio Entry

Some degrees, such as music, architecture, fine arts, communication or design, make their entry decisions based on a portfolio or audition. Examples of work are displayed in a portfolio and show the student’s work experience, qualifications, and awards. 

Curating a portfolio takes time and should also include a personal statement that is strong and well-written. Some universities that accept portfolio submissions for select subjects include the following:

ATAR Equivalents

Some homeschooled students may want to achieve an ATAR or equivalent; options such as Unilearn in QLD are available. This program provides students with the completion of university pre-requisites or a QLD Certificate of Education.

Other options include:

This option may suit a student who wants to build a foundation before applying for university.

Choosing the Right University Pathway

Preparation for university pathways needs consideration before you’re ready to apply. The options are many, and it takes time to choose just the right one. We recommend the following to guide your choice:

  • Choose your degree
  • Decide what universities you wish to apply
  • Check the prerequisites for the application
  • Plan the requirements each university requires
  • Enrol in relevant courses or prepare a portfolio
  • Apply to the educational institutions of your choice.

Start Your Pathway To University with Euka

If your home-educated high school student is thinking about their choices for university, ask us how we can help them move towards making the right choices towards a university degree.

We’re always happy to answer any questions and work out a plan for your child’s education that includes self-paced learning and live catch-ups. Let’s discuss your child’s future with Euka by calling us at (02) 7257 7900 or filling out our online form, and we will get back to you.