Homeschooling on the Spectrum

At Euka we celebrate and acknowledge that every child is different. Difference is what makes this world wonderful! We will look at how Euka can support families with students on the spectrum. Every Autistic person is different to every other. This is why autism is described as a ‘spectrum’. When a study of sixty-seven families with a child on the autism spectrum from metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Australia completed an online questionnaire on Homeschooling we took notice. 76% of parents decided that after homeschooling for 12 months they would never return to the mainstream system. We are dedicated to providing individualised programs to empower each child.

The Euka teachers add a huge variety of learning experiences to the program to ensure that no matter how your child learns best we can support and provide educational experiences to support them.

With homeschooling comes the flexibility and freedom to change your teaching approach and adjust the curriculum that best works for your child with ASD. Sometimes lessons for students with autism will need to shift based on time, functioning and health.

The beauty of homeschooling for autistic students is the flexibility to choose the right blend of learning tools that suits your child’s individual learning style. The Euka educational program builds and reinforces skills using a blend of interactive, hands-on and online experiences. Online instruction & videos, provide interesting and engaging materials that children with autism often thrive with. These are only the beginning. Euka also provides activity sheets, hands-on projects, science experiments, creative games, and more to offer a more hands-on approach, for children who prefer this style of learning.

Language Skills

Euka provides an engaging multimedia approach to building linguistic skills which are often difficult for children with autism to acquire. By Incorporating fun “learning games”, and video content, Euka provides a comprehensive language arts program starting with simple sight words & vocabulary, verbal comprehension, and following basic instructions.

Computer-based instuction

A computer provides an outlet for learning that many children with autism can benefit from as it provides an opportunity to remove stress and overstimulation from too much social interaction. An online program like Euka allows students to keep track of their own learning which keeps them engaged and motivates them to do their best. Parents of children with autism have commented that the fact that Euka lessons are written to the child themselves, engage the students and help them feel connected.


Students can progress through the Euka lessons at their own pace. Additionally, students can be placed at different levels for their subjects. Enabling students to work at their own level means that revision can be done in one area and extension in another. Students also have the freedom and flexibility to repeat lessons, or focus their interests, and thereby work at a pace that they are comfortable with. Individualisation of the Euka program is key to ensuring students are thriving.

Social Skills

Beyond the academic aspects of Euka, the online social clubs allow them to participate in a way that gives them control. They can be part of a club with their camera on or off, and simply watching to getting involved in the various conversations. With a clear focus for each Club, students are given a specific activity to focus on, leading to confidence when interacting. This peer interaction helps children with autism understand and learn typical social skills.

When first enrolling with Euka, we recommend sitting down with your child and working through the first week. It won’t take long to discover through any adjustments to levels that you feel you will need. Often once started children will progress quickly and further moves of subject levels will be needed. The Euka team are here to assist to ensure your program is a great fit for your child