Homeschooling as a Single Parent

If the reality of taking on the lion’s share of homeschooling comes on you suddenly, then it’s likely you’re already under enormous emotional strain. The first and most crucial advice to anyone in that headspace is to know that you don’t have to do it alone. The Euka program lets your kids work more independently and gives you time and space to regroup, with caring teachers and staff here to support you on the journey.

The first thing you need to know, is that it is ok to ask for help. This can be enormously hard, but extremely valuable. Keeping that perspective opens the door to ask family, or ask fellow homeschoolers for assistance when needed or reach out on the Euka Facebook group for advice from those who are traveling this single-parent-homeschool journey alongside you.

Secondly it is essential to look at your time management. Time is probably the most precious commodity, so guard it. If an activity, or event isn’t essential, it’s probably not going to get done. Knowing that homeschool success is your priority; you can organise everything else accordingly. Sometimes you have to say “no” to good things in order to save your “yes” for even better ones.  And setting both short-term and long-term homeschooling goals ahead of time often will help you figure out the difference.

Tips and Life Hacks for Single Parent Homeschooling

Sure, there are sacrifices that have to be made to homeschool with only one parent in the picture, but the very flexibility of homeschooling can often make up for them. Here are some strategies that make the path smoother.

Find your tribe. Homeschooling as a single parent does not have to be done alone. It can help to create a “support circle,”. A support circle doesn’t have to be just family; it can be a motley crew of fellow homeschoolers, or friends, etc. When you need a respite day, an extra set of hands, an excursion buddy, or just someone to vent to, having a “tribe” of supporters is absolutely invaluable.

Learn to homeschool on a budget. In addition to buying craft supplies in bulk, you will find large retailers or bargain shops have very low-price supplies and materials. Throw a post up on the Euka Facebook group for novels that others have finished with, or borrow them from your local library. Remember you can always improvise. If a lesson uses poster paint and you only have watercolours, adapt the activity. The items lists are suggestions only.

Be realistic with your expectations. Despite the photos in magazines or online, all families have their good and bad days. In fact, if you’re learning together, have food on the table, and the house hasn’t collapsed in on itself, you’ve been successful! True success looks like children who enjoy learning and know how to figure out things for themselves. If you can instil those qualities into your children, then your homeschool experience will be triumphant.

Embrace togetherness. Not only does homeschooling bring you and your children closer together emotionally, it allows you to develop a love for learning, discovering and getting the most out of life.  

FAQ by Those Considering Homeschooling as a Single Parent

Can a single mum or dad homeschool?
Yes. Do some web research. You’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of articles, blog posts, infographics, and even whole websites written by families who are successfully homeschooling in a single-parent household!

Can a parent work from home and homeschool?
There are so many homeschool options for working parents! The key to success as a work-at-home/homeschooling parent is to turn what you love (or what you naturally excel at) into income. The world we now live in is a smorgasbord of remote work opportunities–don’t be afraid to get creative with work-from-home options. The other essential piece of the puzzle is that the Euka program lets your children work independently at least part of the day so that you can share important one-to-one time with each of your children.

Can you homeschool at night?
Homeschooling offers the flexibility to design a schedule that works best for your particular family and situation. If your work-from-home position requires primarily daytime hours, then it’s perfectly fine to do homeschool in the evenings and even on weekends. In fact, it’s vital for kids to recognise that learning can happen at any time of day or night.