Can I Homeschool with the Australian Curriculum While Overseas

Homeschooling and exploring the world are two of life’s greatest privileges, whether inside Australia or outside. 

Some families decide to make a long-term or permanent move abroad and others may choose an extended holiday and want to continue their child’s homeschooling education while on the road.

As a tourist to another country, there are some homeschooling options depending on the state you currently reside. In this blog, we will explore the options available to Australian families and how they can best be utilised.

Is It Legal to Homeschool & Travel Overseas?

Australia has strict guidelines when it comes to enrolling for homeschooling. The opportunity to register while travelling, depends on the amount of time you will be overseas and the State you are coming from. You cannot register to homeschool within Australia if you live or plan to live permanently overseas, however, the great news is you don’t need to register when not in Australia.  We have many families that live overseas and use Euka to homeschool. They register only when they arrive back in Australia.

If planning a trip, we recommend contacting your state governing body and enquiring how you can combine your travel with educating your child with the flexibility of homeschooling. Remember that there are a huge number of registered families travelling from all States, so get some advice online from others in-the-know, on sites like “Travelling Australia with Kids”.

Using An Australian Curriculum While Living Overseas

When choosing an educational program for homeschooling international students, you can access the Australian curriculum regardless of nationality or whether you no longer reside within Australia or are temporarily out of the country.

There are a large number of students across the globe who aren’t Australian citizens and whose families prefer what the full Australian curriculum has to offer. International students don’t need to register with the Education Department in Australia to use these programs. Many students enjoy receiving a duel certification by completing their own national studies and adding Euka as an extra educational opportunity. 

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?

There are several ways to gain access to online educational possibilities for your child. While registering your children to legally school them while travelling isn’t always easy, the alternative is to look for suitable future learning options through educational programs. 

These frequently go hand in hand with foreign travel or residence abroad. The whole family can elevate their travelling experience with relevant education with the right progressive and innovative program. 

1. Choose a curriculum that covers the full curriculum

It’s essential to choose a program that will provide proof you’re covering the full Australian curriculum. Euka offers a new way to chase dreams by giving families across the globe the opportunity to use the full Australian curriculum.

We provide online learning with relevant, practical, and engaging experiences. Our program offers limitless opportunities of use within a homeschooling environment, whether at home or travelling across the globe.

Euka enables children to learn in innovative ways, where creative expression and individualised attention are encouraged. 

2. Create a schedule 

Even though you’re travelling, create a schedule to meet your children’s learning needs each week. Although it may seem difficult to achieve while out on the road or in another country, there are fun and creative ways to incorporate a timetable seamlessly. You only need to think outside the box.

It could mean keeping on track by having a travel day and then a school work day, keeping this rotation so your child knows what to expect. You could also choose to spend one day a week at the local library, covering all the primary study requirements for the week and spending the remainder of the week immersing in culture-planned experiences.

The possibilities are endless, especially when planning study time for the trip. 

3. Tie the curriculum in with travelling experiences

It’s easy to tie in your travels while educating your child. After covering the basics online, you can incorporate activities that fit within the curriculum, including:

  • Putting your children in charge of your budget for a week for mathematics.
  • Read together or use audiobooks if out on the road for english studies.
  • Learning about the history of locations and social issues of the region for social sciences.
  • Record weather patterns or stargaze for science.
  • Go to festivals, visit galleries and have drawing materials on hand for studying the arts.

This list is anything but endless; there are many ways to make learning fun and incorporate it with the Euka curriculum while still enjoying your extended overseas trip.

4. Use online resources

An array of online resources makes it easier to deliver and do lessons without needing readers, paper and pens.

While using Euka, you can complement your child’s learning through our curriculum with web resources such as Science WebNASA STEM EngagementArts & Culture, and so much more so you don’t have to worry about travelling with bulky learning materials. 

Key Takeaways

Homeschooling and travelling overseas is an attractive option for families. While not required to be registered to homeschool when living in another country, combining travel and schooling is an invaluable experience for those who step out into the adventure.

At Euka, we recognise the importance of delivering an Australian curriculum all over the globe so that anyone can access some of the world’s finest education. We understand the unique experience that combined travel and learning can bring to children and their families, and we do all we can to make this happen.

If you’re looking at taking a trip across the globe and want the right type of education for your child, contact the team at Euka and discover all the ways we can get your family started on their future learning journey.