10 Tips for New Homeschoolers

Homeschooling in Australia is one of the most rewarding and beneficial choices a family can make with their children. Even with the best homeschool curriculum, new families may feel apprehensive in the beginning, and it may take some time to get used to. By choosing the Euka program which combines online and hands-on content, you can be sure you have all you need for homeschooling in Australia. Read through our list of tips for new homeschoolers, take a deep breath, and begin your new adventure. 

Enjoy the process

This is one of the most important parts of online/hands on homeschooling for Australian families, but often the first thing to be forgotten. Choosing to homeschool your children means that you get more time to spend together. Yes, the framework is for their education, but it is much more of a bonding experience than simply a task. You can even plan family outings and holidays that help integrate what you’ve been learning. Enjoy your time together, it is a gift. 

be flexible

Homeschooling in Australia means that you can make it suit your individual time frame and needs. If it’s better for you and your child, you can start homeschooling slowly and then add in subjects in a natural way that works for you. Euka’s practical and online homeschooling lessons allow you to put the joy back into learning by doing it in a more organic way. For instance, if it helps your homeschool learning and teaching style to take walks outside or change rooms during a lesson, don’t be afraid to make it part of your schedule. You don’t need to compare to others, just work in your own way.

connect with other homeschooling families

Deciding to homeschool in Australia means you’re joining the greater community of homeschooling families world wide. Connecting with other homeschoolers will give you an opportunity to share tips and make connections with online homeschoolers and those in your local area. Get together with other homeschoolers, join groups online, attend meetups in your neighbourhood and at the local library, and stay connected. 

don’t try to recreate school at home

There is a reason you chose Euka! Test scores, sitting all day at a desk, and raising hands aren’t necessarily the important aspects of learning and connecting with your child. Choosing the Euka curriculum means you are no longer confined to the standardised school system, make it your own. 

focus on a few subjects a day

There is no need to do all subjects every day, and likely it will make learning more challenging to do it that way. Break up different subjects on different days instead of cramming in everything at once. The Euka practical and online homeschool curriculum allows you to create a more realistic schedule for both you and your child. 

you don’t need to be an expert to homeschool your child

A lot of parents worry that if they aren’t a qualified teacher then they won’t be able to successfully homeschool their children. This isn’t the case at all! You don’t need to be an expert in all areas to have a great homeschooling experience. When you have a top quality combined hands on and online homeschool curriculum, the knowledge is provided for you. In fact, you will often be learning right along with your child. Euka ensures your homeschooling program is written to your child, with teachers here to support you if needed. 

don’t buy into the fears

Homeschooled kids are often thought to be less socialised and somewhat isolated, but it’s often not the case at all and it is even quite the opposite most of the time. Homeschooled kids tend to spend time with a greater variety of age groups and learn more life skills than kids stuck in a classroom all day with only children their own age and an adult solely as an authority figure. 

teach to the learning style of your children

If you choose homeschooling, there is not a single, ‘correct’ way for kids to learn, or for you to teach. You can focus on the unique learning style of your child so they learn more efficiently and, most importantly, with more enjoyment. If they are an auditory learner, you may choose to do many of the lessons out loud. If they are visual learners, create visual material together to summarise concepts etc. Don’t be afraid to work with your child’s natural abilities. At Euka we provide each new concept in a variety of ways to ensure all learning styles are catered for.

don’t do it all on your own

There is no homeschooling rule that says you’ve got to do everything by yourself. If you’ve got other people around who are interested in Euka online high school and homeschooling, tackle it together as a team. If grandparents or uncles and aunts want to get involved, maybe they can help fund an excursion or share in some of the lessons during the week. 

homeschooling is an opportunity for you too

Homeschooling and education in general is about helping kids learn what they need in order to tackle the world on their own later on. Enjoy the Euka curriculum but teach through your own way of communicating and modelling your values. Kids are always paying attention and taking after their parents and role models. Homeschooling in Australia is a great opportunity for our kids, and also for us to learn about ourselves.