Welcome to the June edition of the Euka Newsletter!

This month, we’re celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students and highlighting inspiring success stories

We’re excited to share our latest podcast episodes, including discussions on handwriting in the digital age, reading challenges and how to overcome them, and much more.

Dive in and discover all the wonderful happenings at Euka this month!

📰 our most recent headlines 📰

📣 Euka Featured in National Homeschooling Article! 📰

We are thrilled to share that Euka and our founder, Ellen Brown, were recently featured in a prominent article titled, “Ever Considered Homeschooling Your Kids? What You Need to Know.” This article delves into the rising trend of homeschooling in Australia, exploring its benefits and challenges.

🎧 The Latest from the Future Learners Podcast 🎧

We’re now 28 episodes in, releasing every Thursday morning! Hosted by our very own CEO Brett Campbell and Founder Ellen Brown we discuss a range of subjects that are crucial for students, parents, and educators alike.

📢Our Most Recent Episode🚨

Should children learn handwriting in this digital world? | 028

Brett and Ellen delve into the thought-provoking topic of handwriting’s relevance in today’s digital age. Episode 28 explores the cognitive benefits of handwriting, debates the necessity of cursive writing, and offers practical tips for integrating handwriting into modern education.

The #1 Skill for children to learn |027

Brett and Ellen discuss the critical skill of reading, emphasising its importance for knowledge acquisition and effective communication. They offer practical tips for parents on supporting their children’s reading journey, from choosing the right books to incorporating various learning modalities.

When should your child do work experience? |026

Brett and Ellen discuss the importance of work experience for homeschooled children. They emphasise the flexibility homeschooling offers in exploring various fields and provide practical tips for parents to find and support work experience opportunities for their children.

How to build a strong family unit |025

Brett and Ellen discuss the essential elements for creating a resilient and supportive family environment. They cover effective communication, shared values, clear roles, and the importance of quality time together.

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🌟 Student Project Spotlight 🌟

In our “Student Highlights”, we celebrate the incredible achievements of Euka’s young learners. From heartfelt conversations across generations to crafting miniature worlds and diving deep into the workings of the earth and its seasons, our students are showcasing their passion for knowledge and creativity.

Brax’s Delightful Dr. Seuss Creation: Green Eggs & Ham in Action!

Brax recently brought the classic Dr. Seuss tale to life with a creative twist on “Green Eggs & Ham.” As part of his English lesson, he whipped up a vibrant plate of green scrambled eggs and ham, showcasing his culinary skills and enthusiasm for learning.

Great job, Brax, for combining fun and education in such a delicious way!

Lucas Breathes Life into Science with His Respiratory Model!

Lucas demonstrated his scientific prowess by creating an impressive respiratory system model for his science project. Using simple materials, he effectively illustrated how our lungs work, showcasing both creativity and a deep understanding of the human body.

Well done, Lucas, for bringing science to life with your fantastic model!

Olivia’s Insightful Health Project: Understanding the Effects of Different Substances on the Human Body!

Olivia has showcased her knowledge and artistic talent with a detailed project on the effects of drugs on the human body. Through her vibrant and informative diagram, she highlights how various substances impact different organs, demonstrating both her understanding of health topics and her creativity.

Excellent work, Olivia, for making such an important subject engaging and educational!

Lukas’ Scientific Exploration: Acid vs. Base in Fruit Preservation!

Lukas conducted an intriguing science experiment to determine whether acids or bases are better at preserving fruit. Using apple slices, he meticulously tested the preservation effects of different substances, demonstrating his scientific curiosity and methodical approach.

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