How do I know if I am Doing Enough?

Self-reflection is a valuable tool for us as parents as we take time out to analyse where we are at. The question we hear parents ask, probably more than any other is, “How do I know if I’m doing enough?” Fortunately, we have a great answer for you.

The answer is: goal setting.

Here’s what goal setting looks like in a homeschool environment

Create “finish lines” throughout the year. These “finish lines” help you get clear about what your priorities are and give you a wonderful sense of completion, which leads to increased confidence. For example, decide that your last day of the regular school year is going to be Dec 17th. Then, come up with a short list of important things that you want to accomplish by that date. You make those things your priority and you complete them by that date. This builds self-trust. You are now a person who does what you say you are going to do.

Celebrate your finish lines. Celebrating your finish lines is the equivalent of stopping to smell the roses. You don’t want your homeschooling life to become one big blur or one big to-do list. You want to set goals and then celebrate your accomplishments. These finish lines should be daily, weekly and full term. For example, plan each day to complete, Maths, English and 1 other subject.

Set overall goals at the beginning of each Term. For example, now is the time for you and your children to decide Term 3 goals. Come up with a few specific goals and write them down. According to studies, those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who do not write down their goals. In fact, people who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate. For example: This Term we will finish our daily lesson in 3 days have a social day and an excursion day. Or this term we will add a new language focus and have the whole family join the “Italian” learning fun. Don’t forget to download the Term Parent Planner. This includes pages to set out your daily, weekly and Term goals.

If you have had the chance to spend time in mainstream school you will know that a huge amount of time is taken up by assemblies, library, religious study, lunch/recess, rehearsals, and not to mention substitute teacher days. You are providing not only the chance to cover the full curriculum but also the one-on-one advantage that naturally occurs when Homeschooling, not to mention the various activities undertaken outside of the Euka program.

Rest assured, you do not need to ask yourself, “Am I doing enough?”, but rest in the knowledge you are providing your child with an exceptional learning advantage.