Homeschooling Gifted Students

The Euka program is designed to meet each child where they are rather than expecting that they be slotted into a particular Grade. Every child is at their own right level, it is about tailoring a program to meet their needs.

We are dedicated to ensuring the program is a great fit for every child. We do this by adding particular subjects as needed or full Grade movement.

Begin by downloading and looking at the free week sample online. This will help you select the core Grade for your child. Then, we can add higher Grade subjects as required. For example if your child is doing a Grade 2 program as a core Grade, but needs extension in English, we can add Grade 3 English to your program. The same can be done for any subject, and providing both Grade levels allows the child to move between them as required. Often using the Ekua program as a springboard will encourage students to go above and beyond and stretch themselves in relation to the lessons. We even have students doing University subjects!

In many cases however a full Grade shift is needed. Ensuring the student is enthusiastic and challenged in their learning is vital. In this case the student can take the end of Grade tests to monitor progress and move forward. There is no reason to limit learning! We empower it.