Euka partners with schools both in Australia & Internationally

Partner schools use the Euka Education program in a number of ways. Some use Euka as their full school program and others that use it as a Distance Education option. International schools are using Euka to provide students with a valuable dual degree. 

Partnerships give dual Certification

Students complete their Euka studies through the school as an addition to their regular lessons. This provides students with Certification of covering the Australian curriculum as well as their own national curriculum.

Australian University Links

Moving from Euka to University in Australia is seamless as we ensure students have the prerequisites required to apply for full time study in Australia.

Covering all subjects of the Australian curriculum

Students cover all subjects of the Australian curriculum with full lessons provided and all marking criteria and teacher training included.

Full Australian curriculum coverage

Certificates, and Reports and Documentation provided showing covering of the full Australian curriculum. Students receive half-yearly, and full-year reports, and an Australia Grade Certificate at the completion of each Grade.

Staff support

The Euka teaching staff are here to help every step of the way. Teacher training videos and live webinars are included.

Individualised adaptable program

Euka can provide individual subjects at alternative levels. English lessons are a daily part of the Euka Education program, and can be set at any level.

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