From Complete Education Australia to Euka

After 7 years as Complete Education Australia, we have built the coolest school-age education program in Australia. However, a clear shift has occurred. More and more families are seeking a new era in home education. One that covers all school content, but with a relevant, progressive, innovative vision, tailored to the individual child.  With a desire to shatter old stereotypes, and define a new sector of education, we have refined and sharpened our focus with a new name and website, but with the same passion and drive to develop an exceptional, relevant and future-focussed education. 

From Complete Education Australia to Euka

After an extended period teaching in a particularly challenging school, where students craved relevance and hands-on, real world experiences, Ellen Brown, the founder of Complete Education Australia (now Euka), was driven by the desire to create a new style of Education. 

An education program moulded to the child rather than expecting all children to fit the same education model. A program that had relevance and individualisation at its core. 

Ellen’s focus turned to Home Education as a way to provide this new option, however it was immediately evident that there was a complete lack of an Australian home education content. The only available option was an American program that Australian students had been using for years. 

Ellen made the decision to begin the huge task of building an Australian home education program based on the Australian curriculum. From that time the company has grown with Amanda Moreau coming on to manage Administration, and the team and student base grew dramatically. 

The mission to provide an education tailored to the individual child was unique and valued. Jarryd Van Poppel joined the team and brought with him the desire, skills and knowledge to blend the hands-on, relevant content with a valuable tech approach, giving Euka the chance to provide live, updated, individualised education programs to students via the online portal.  

With student numbers more than doubling each year, the Euka community has developed into a movement of people who desire an excellent education that provides their specific child with the opportunity to thrive.

What does the name Euka mean?

  • Euka (Eucalyptus + Eureka)
  • A new word construct of the word Eucalyptus which is derived from the Greek root ‘Eu’ (meaning ‘well’) and ‘Kalyptos’ (meaning ‘covered’) i.e. complete and full, and the Greek word ‘Eureka’ meaning ‘triumphant discovery’. Commonly linked to the idea of problem-solving and experienced-based learning.
  • Eucalyptus as a plant has purifying and sustaining qualities and is sacred to indigenous Australia. Its native Australian qualities also make it an incredibly resilient species. First to sprout after a fire translates to positivity and hope for the future.
  • Gold is found in the leaves. Drawn up through the roots, delivered to the leaves. This informed our choice of rich and earthy brand colours.

What does our logo symbolise?


The establishing crest form represents trust and excellence in education.

Values: Exceptional & Passionate


A pared back human icon form emphasises that students and people are at the heart of Euka’s values and beliefs.

Values: Empowering


Nestling leaves at the base of the crest support the name of Euka and also represent student growth and caring assistance.

Values: Empowering & Passionate

Open Book

The book is a precise link to learning, creativity and education. Its open form shows Euka’s warm and welcoming approach to all.

Values: Empowering & Trail blazing

Arrow / Break

A break in the shield establishes Euka’s break from educational norms and tradition. An arrow is formed, representing an upward and forward trajectory.

Values: Empowering & Trail blazing

Future learning.
A new way