EUKA NEWS – October 2023

As we start October, there’s so much happening in our Euka community. We’re navigating through exciting times, and as we approach term 4 and the end of the year, it’s crucial to appreciate every moment. Whether you’re just joining us or have been a long-standing member of the Euka family, we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got for you this month with some special recaps from September.

Updates & Opportunities

Tafe Applications Are Coming In Hot!

Our partnership with TAFE Queensland is flourishing with a decent increase in applications flowing from our Euka families. 

There’s no need to wait until after Euka to pursue your passion with a variety of Cert I to Cert III courses across a range of study areas from:

  • Hospitality
  • Horticulture
  • Childhood education
  • Engineering

And many more!

Our students in QLD can complete a TAFE course while simultaneously completing their Euka program.

Click on this link for more information.

Euka In The News

Home School Offers Hope

Earlier last month our incredible founder Ellen Brown was featured in The New England Times commenting on the rapid increase in homeschoolers post the COVID pandemic. 

A fantastic read for those interested in learning more about the benefits of homeschooling and motivations for a lot of parents looking into this exploding area of education.
Click here to read the full article.

Euka’s Snowboarding Extraordinaires! 

Two of our incredible students, Airish & Juan were featured in The Daily Telegraph and The Monaro Post for their achievements in snowboarding, and how homeschooling with Euka has played a major role in their efforts to make it to the Olympics.

We couldn’t be prouder, and we’ll be cheering for you both on the sidelines!

Click here to read The Daily Telegraph’s article.
Click here to read The Monaro Post’s article.

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Euka Club Updates – Term 3 Highlights

Lego Club

Term 3 of Lego Club was filled with laughs, fun, and new friends! Over the past 10 weeks, we’ve had a very colourful variety of challenges for our members to perform, with this term being especially focused on collaboration and group challenges!

We’ve had challenges where we’ve built combinations of our favourite animals, imagined things using each other’s favourite colours, shared special Lego inventions to solve a variety of challenges, and created an exciting multi-week story prompted almost entirely by our Lego builds!

Members have also created challenges for each other outside of the sessions, a few examples being:

  • ‘Build your favourite dessert!’
  • ‘Create a plant or flower-themed build!’ and
  • ‘Build using your favourite colour!’

Lego Club has shown so much creativity and fun this past Term, and it continues to provide fantastic social opportunities for our members, both new and old!

I hope to see you all again very soon!

Your friendly Lego Club Host,


Cooking Club

Term 3 of the Cooking Club at Euka brought so many delicious meals and desserts into our kitchens! 

The gorgeous Italian aromas from the Tomato Basil soup was definitely my favourite! And lots of us enjoyed the Chicken and Spinach Curry. 

How could we forget the Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Fruits! All the chefs cooked wonderfully even whilst problem-solving in the heat of the kitchen! 

Well done to everyone, especially our new additions to the Club! I hope to see more familiar and new faces in Term 4! 

Your friendly Cooking Club Host,

Minecraft Club

The Minecraft Club has been a hub of creativity and excitement for everyone involved, with each meeting bringing new highlights. Club members showcased their impressive building skills, tackling themes like “Technology” and “Favorite Fiction” to create everything from high-tech laboratories to beloved fictional worlds. They explored teamwork through co-op build battles and even took on the challenge of crafting “Minecraft 2.0,” reimagining the game’s features. 

Despite facing a few challenges, the Club’s sense of community and shared passion for Minecraft have only grown stronger, and the Club continues to celebrate innovation, storytelling, and friendship in the world of blocks. The term ended with a flourish of creativity, with a “FreeStyle” theme allowing members to let their imaginations run wild, promising even more exciting adventures next Term.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Minecraft Club as we continue to create a space full of limitless possibilities and incredible creations.

Your friendly Minecraft Club Host,
Mr. Matt

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Students of the Month

We’ve had a lovely entry submitted by the Nissan family. We’re so grateful to be part of your journey, thank you so much for sharing your incredible work with us!

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