Euka News – October 2022

Term 4 has just begun and we are seeing the students achieving such fantastic results. The younger students’ work on Facebook is always a source of inspiration and the Senior students Term 3 Assessments were outstanding. You will see more of these in the Students of the month section.

It has been exciting to see our first group of graduating Euka students moving into their next steps with the Australian retailers partnership we have been able to offer.

We will be sharing more about the various pathways our students pursue after they have finished their schooling with Euka.

We have had a huge number of families reaching out regarding the enrolment into Grade 11 and 12 for 2023. The great news is we will have enrolment open in November, 2022. As always, we give priority to Grade 10 Euka students, so ensure you get your new Seniors enrolled and then they can enjoy the end of the year with confidence.

Heads up – Southern States have turned their clocks forward an hour. Daylight savings has meant a shift in the time that the Euka support and Teaching team are available. Keep in mind that the team work on NSW time and will be flat out from 8:30am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday – Friday 8:30am to 3pm (EST)

Students of the Month!

Each month the Euka team is thrilled to see the various pieces of work that families email in or post on the Euka Facebook group. It is truly inspiring to see the effort and enthusiasm the kids put into their work. See just a few of them below:

Rowan – Grade 5, Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader- Character studies, voyage map and message in a bottle. Rowan really struggled understanding the language used in this book…he’s glad it’s finished but has now requested the first 2 books in the series!
(Leanne Landers)

Jordyn – Year 6 Geography project done – My daughter looked forward to working on this each week. She added “polaroids” of landmarks in each country visited for something extra

Navaeh – G8 T2 History model – A Viking House
Using plentiful moss, cardboard, plaster nails & bark

Year 1 did this hand print for history!!…….

Willem – Geography term 3 Foundation year

A few Grade 11 & 12 Visual Arts Assessment Pieces

Bridle design by Indigo Grade 11

Only a portion of the amazing paintings by Anias in Grade 11

“Running with Scissors” by Aria Grade 12

Calendar Dates

We are always happy to share a few dates that you may want to add to your Homeschool calendar:

“Walktober” – 1-31 October

Organisation: Physical Activity Australia Inc
Physical Activity Australia have renamed October, ‘Walktober’ – Australia’s walking month! It’s the ideal time to celebrate walking. October is that time of year when you feel a ‘spring’ in your step; the weather is warming up and it’s a great time to get outside. Join the Walktober Challenge and take steps to make sure that this generation of kids are active and healthy. Commit to 31 days of activity for a minimum of 31 minutes. At the same time, we raise funds to enable Bluearth and its programs to have a presence in more schools across Australia.

National/State: National

Aussie Backyard Bird Count – 17-23 October

Organisation: Birdlife Australia
Have you ever wondered about the birds in your neighbourhood? Join thousands of people for the AUSSIE BACKYARD BIRD COUNT – BirdLife Australia’s first nationwide bird survey. All you need is 20 minutes, your favourite green patch and some keen eyesight (or binoculars!) Record the birds you see on our brand new Aussie Bird Count app (or website) and you’ll instantly see live information on how many people are taking part near you and the number of birds and species counted right across your neighbourhood and the whole of Australia!

National/State: National

National Bandanna Day – Friday 28 October

Organisation: Canteen
This year’s National Bandanna Day aims to raise $1.7 million to help young people living with cancer. The theme for this year’s event is “Attitude is Everything – Buy It, Wear It”. By selling, buying and wearing bandannas, you can show your support for young people as they fight cancer.