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Hello Euka Families, 

Welcome to the May edition of the Euka Newsletter! This month, we’re excited to present our latest podcast episodes, including a special feature on unlocking potential funding for homeschoolers. We think you will find a lot of value in this episode. If you missed it, give it a listen! Along with our podcast, we’re thrilled to celebrate the latest fantastic achievements of our students. 

🎧 The Latest from the Future Learners Podcast 🎧

We’re now 23 episodes in, releasing every Thursday morning! Hosted by our very own CEO Brett Campbell and Founder Ellen Brown we discuss a range of subjects that are crucial for students, parents, and educators alike.

📢Our Most Recent Episode🚨

The Importance of Raising Risk Homeschooling with Dyslexia, ASD, and ADHD:

A Mother’s Inspirational Journey | 023

Dive deep into the powerful story of a mother, Brooke, who transforms her son Noah’s unique challenges into educational victories through homeschooling.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

📘 Effective strategies that helped improve Noah’s reading and social interaction.
🤝 The importance of community support and resources for families navigating similar paths.
💪 How tailored education can empower children with special needs to thrive.

Unlock funding for homeschooling | 022

This episode is a must-listen for all homeschooling families looking to navigate the financial aspects of education at home. 💸📚

Brett and Ellen dive deep into various funding options available to support your homeschooling journey, offering insights and tips on how to access and maximise these resources.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just considering the switch, this episode is packed with valuable information to help ease the financial load.

Click this link to find out how you can apply for homeschool funding and if you are eligible.

Moving from School to Homeschooling in term 2 | 021

Transitioning to Homeschooling? We’ve Got You Covered! 🌟

Making the switch from traditional school to homeschooling in Term 2? Our latest podcast episode is your ultimate guide! 📘🏡

From selecting the right curriculum to creating an engaging learning space, we delve into everything you need to ensure a seamless transition. Let’s make this journey as rewarding as possible for your family! 🚀

Homeschooling on a budget | 020

Homeschooling your kids doesn’t have to drain your wallet! 🚀 Dive into our latest podcast episode where Brett and Ellen unravel the secrets to budget-friendly homeschooling.

✂️ Discover creative ways to use everyday items for learning.
📚 Harness the power of community resources like libraries and local events.
💡 Learn how sharing resources with other families can amplify your homeschooling experience.

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🌟 Student Project Spotlight 🌟

In our “Student Highlights” segment, we celebrate the incredible achievements of Euka’s young learners. From heartfelt conversations across generations to crafting miniature worlds and diving deep into the workings of the earth and its seasons, our students are showcasing their passion for knowledge and creativity.

Will’s Quench Quest: Sipping Success

Meet Will, a Year 7 entrepreneur who’s not only learned the ins and outs of business and economics this term but also how to serve a refreshingly zesty experience with his homemade lemonade stand, “Lemon Heads.” At $2 a cup, Will’s venture isn’t just a lesson in economics; it’s a delightful way to make his customers’ taste buds sing!

Keep up the fantastic work, Will! Your business flair is as refreshing as your lemonade! 🍋💼🌟

Dom’s Palette of Possibilities: A Klee-Inspired Canvas

Introducing Dom, a budding artist from our Foundations class, who has channeled the essence of Paul Klee into his own vibrant creation for Term 2.

With each brushstroke and color choice, Dom’s enthusiasm for the world of art shines as brightly as his masterpiece. Here’s to many more terms of color, creativity, and learning through the eyes of great artists, Dom! Keep painting your path in the world of art. 🎨✨

Luna Explores the Wonders of Metamorphosis

Back from an enriching family holiday in Thailand and immersed in the vibrant life of Borneo, young Luna has channeled her experiences into a colorful exploration of the natural world for her Year 2, Term 1 science project. With an impressive display titled “Life Cycle of the Butterfly,” Luna illustrates the remarkable transformation from a tiny egg to the fluttering beauty of a butterfly.

Her project board, a tapestry of hand-drawn illustrations and informative captions, captures not just the stages of metamorphosis but also the spirit of a young scientist’s curiosity. Luna’s work is a vivid reminder of the joy of discovery that lies in the simplest of nature’s processes. Let’s celebrate Luna’s scientific fervor and her delightful educational journey!

A Culinary Journey into Literature

In Grade 6, Arohan has artfully merged culinary skills with literary exploration in his recent project. Inspired by the adventurous narrative of “Heart of the Samurai,” Arohan has crafted a plate of homemade sushi that not only tantalises the taste buds but also pays homage to the cultural journey at the heart of the novel.

His deft hands are a testament to his dedication, as he skillfully handles the sushi with chopsticks, ready to dive into a flavorful experience. Arohan’s project goes beyond the kitchen; it’s an interdisciplinary masterpiece that blends reading comprehension with creative expression and cultural appreciation. Join us in celebrating Arohan’s innovative approach to learning, which captures the true essence of what it means to absorb and reflect on the world through multiple lenses.

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