Euka News – May 2023

With most families back into Term 2, it is full steam ahead for the students, parents and staff at Euka. What an outstanding group of students we support at Euka. One glance at the Facebook group page and it is clear that the joy of learning is being developed from Clever Kids right through to Grade 12. If you have not yet joined the Euka Future Learning (official Group) jump onto the following link to make sure you are part of the community. This group is a place where current Euka parents and students can connect with each other and share the highs and lows of their homeschooling days. We have also seen a number of parents reaching out and locking in connections with other Euka homeschoolers near them. It is great to see the community really engaging and supporting each other.

From the entire Euka team, have a wonderful Term 2!

Contact The Euka Team

Most of you will now be aware that you’re able to contact the Euka Team via our inbound number – 02 7257 7900

Great news – as from Monday 8th May, the hours for our inbound line are being extended.

Euka would be thrilled to assist you over the phone, please find our contact information below:-

  • Call Us: (02) 7257 7900
  • Phone Operating Hours:
  • 10am – 3pm AEST (Monday – Thursday)
    10am – 1pm AEST (Friday)

Euka Contact Page

We look forward to chatting with you and supporting your family.

Students of the Month!

Every month the Facebook group is filled with amazing accomplishments, creative masterpieces and astounding achievements.
This month’s “Students” of the month are just a few of the Euka Superstars.

Rohan – Grade 4
This is a magnificent underwater diorama! The colours are amazing. The painted background and the ocean floor are very effective. There are a variety of sea creatures and wonderful underwater plants in this environment. The seashells, cut-outs and models of marine creatures are a terrific demonstration of life underwater. Awesome work!

Lani Grade 8
The ingredients look like they will be delicious in your cakes! Your cell is very well labelled and has different sweets to illustrate the parts of a cell. Terrific project! Your project is well presented! The pictures, drawings and information look enticing. Your use of different sized fonts look terrific. Your research on Ahn Do gives personal information, accounts of his experience as a refugee, as well as his achievements. His gratitude and hopes for the future are reflected in the quotes you have given. Amazing work!

Ella – Grade 8
This an amazing Chemistry project! You have created an atom you can eat and it looks fantastic.
The different lollies you have used, represent protons, neutrons and electrons. Wonderful project! Keep up the awesome work!

Charlie – Grade 7
Charlie, you have done a magnificent job creating the book in a box! The cover of the book has an illustration, title and author and looks fabulous.
The various symbols you have chosen to represent the story, show your knowledge of the book, the characters and highlights included in the book.
You have presented a fascinating project! Keep up the good work!