Euka News – Welcome to 2022

Take A Look At All The Exciting Things Happening In Euka This Month!

What is Life Skills Maths?
Life Skills Maths focuses on the development of students’ ability to apply mathematics in a variety of contexts in order to enhance and encourage their participation in post-school contexts. In a nutshell, it is “Real-Life Maths for those who are not intending to study maths at a Senior level. We offer this Maths level to Grade 9 and 10 Students. If you would like Life Skills Maths added to your child’s portal, just let the support team know.

NEW Euka Electives
As mentioned last month we have been creating brand new electives to add to the elective list we currently have. As you may know in Grade 7 and 8, we add a full program with all subject areas included, whereas by Grade 9 and 10 students are provided with the core subjects and can then add two electives to their portal. Many of the new electives are still being uploaded to the portal so if you want one of the new practical electives mentioned last month, you won’t see them on the selection form just yet. Give us another 2 weeks and you will notice them on the form ready for you to jump into them.

Camp Sponsored position!!!
Rotary Australia has let us know that they would like to sponsor some children to go camping. Be quick as the first camp they have a place for is May 13th-15th. This camp is in NSW and is for children in Grades 8 – 10 and would normally cost $320. The cost will be covered by Rotary.
Take a look at the brochure and contact Ashleigh directly for more information – More sponsored camp places will be available this year: Ashleigh Symes

Rotary Enrichment Program

Camp Details

Medical Training Volunteers:
Has your child got an interest in Medicine? Would they be fascinated in a front-row seat to how doctors are trained? Would they like the opportunity to ask questions about being a Dr? We have been approached by the Australian Institute of Ultrasound, a training facility where doctors learn the art of using ultrasound in all facets of medicine. They are looking for as many families of children as possible who would like to take part in the training of Drs on ultrasound techniques.

Keep in mind that Diagnostic ultrasound is a safe procedure that uses low-power sound waves. Click HERE if interested.

Club update:
We were thrilled to share the news that we have a new Lego Club leader. Oscar is a Primary teacher trained and has eagerly jumped at the chance to run the Term 2 Lego Club. Make sure to jump in and welcome him.
Have you joined the weekly social Clubs yet?
What Clubs are available in Term 2 and when?

Monday: Live Maths Lessons
Tuesday: Lego Club
Wednesday: Minecraft Club
Thursday: Cooking Club

How to join the clubs:
If you are a current Euka family, click below and enrol in the Clubs of your choice. You will receive an email each week with details of the coming weeks requirements, so you can be ready. There is also a Facebook group for each Club so you can post pictures and students can ask each other questions or just touch base with each other.

Click HERE to enrol in a club!

Top Calendar Ideas for May

Due to popular demand, we have decided to bring back the monthly “Calendar Ideas” page. This is designed to give you a few fun options to add to your Homeschooling calendar this month. You may like to do one or two or all of them. The choice is yours.

International Star Wars Day – Wednesday 4th May

May 4 is called Star Wars Day because of the popularity of a common pun spoken on this day. Since the phrase “May the Force be with you” is a famous quote often spoken in the Star Wars films, fans commonly say “May the fourth be with you” on this day.
National/State: International

If you decide to dress up for this day, don’t forget to post a picture on the Facebook group!

Here are some fun activities to use on the day:


More Ideas HERE & HERE

Obi-Wan Kenobi Cupcakes

Mother’s Day – Sunday 8th May

Mother’s Day is the annual celebration of mothers and the hard work they do.

National/State: International

This day is a wonderful celebration for Mothers and Grandmothers. It is so valuable to put aside some specific time to be grateful for these special relationships. Of course, this can be tricky for some people. If you don’t have a mother – why not choose someone special in your family or friends to honour and celebrate on this day.

Here are some fun Mother’s Day ideas: FREE MOTHER’S DAY CARD TEMPLATES: 3 to choose from HERE

Mother’s Day activities
Mother’s Day fun ideas

Pirate Day – Saturday 14th May

Organisation: The Kids’ Cancer Project
Pirate Day is an annual national day of dressing up to raise awareness and much-needed funds for childhood brain cancer.
National/State: National


Click HERE for a heap of resources!

Wow Day – Wednesday 28th May

Organisation: State Emergency Service (SES)
A day of recognition and appreciation where the dedicated work of State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers is celebrated across Australia. The focus of WOW Day is to encourage the community to show their support in a very simple but highly visible gesture by wearing the colour orange. This is the colour worn by SES volunteers.


Some of the Euka families decided to bake some biscuits and drop them off at their nearest SES. Tip: Find out when they are meeting as the office is not always attended.

Students Of The Month!

Wendy and Lynelle have done a fantastic job in preparing for Anzac Day.
“Our children’s ANZAC day tribute as we had our own private family service as their sister is low immune – Lest We Forget”

“Working out the surface area of an orange was a little bit juicy! G8T2 Gabby”. Top work Gabby. Looks like you proved Maths can be fun!

Year 8 term 2 first art lesson of this term. Olivia made and drew her first “tag”, which is like a personalised logo-phrase. WOW Olivia you have really got an eye for detail!

“Year 6, term 2, and we are up and running. We did a lot of work today, and so proud of the end results! “ Well done William! That brain looks amazing!

“Year 7 – this has been an amazing project. A poster for each body system then summarising it into a report.” Fantastic work Sam! What an impressive poster!