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We’re excited to bring you another edition of the Euka Monthly Newsletter, with inspiring stories, educational breakthroughs, and some helpful tips for your homeschooling journey.

🎧 The Latest from the Future Learners Podcast 🎧

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We’re now 16 episodes in, releasing every Thursday morning! Hosted by our very own CEO Brett Campbell and Founder Ellen Brown we discuss a range of subjects that are crucial for students, parents, and educators alike.


The most important skill a child can learn | 016

Brett and Ellen introduce a six-step process to teach kids conflict resolution, focusing on empathy, active listening, and effective communication. They stress the importance of parents modeling these behaviors, emphasizing its key role in children’s social and emotional development.

Cultivating Financial Literacy and Mindful Parenting | 015

In this episode Brett and Ellen underscore the essence of instilling financial literacy from a young age. They discuss the impact of parental influence on children’s financial attitudes and introduce Euka’s comprehensive financial literacy curriculum. Highlighting the importance of a positive money mindset, the hosts share actionable advice for integrating financial education into daily parenting.

Physical and Mental Health Tips for Homeschooling Families | 014

Explore essential health tips for homeschooling families in our podcast. Discover strategies for nutrition, physical activity, mental wellness, and setting up a supportive home environment. Learn how parents can lead by example in fostering a healthy, balanced lifestyle for the whole family.

The Ultimate Getting Started Guide | 013

Dive into the essentials of starting your homeschooling journey with our comprehensive guide. Brett and Ellen share insights on flexibility, tackling common concerns, the significance of real-world learning, and the importance of a personalized education approach. They explore the unique advantages homeschooling offers, from tailored learning experiences to freedom from conventional schooling limits.

Homeschooling Mother of 4 Shares Her Journey | 012

Discover the inspiring story of a homeschooling mother who juggles the educational needs of four children while embracing the joys and hurdles of her unique homeschooling journey.

Don’t miss these enriching discussions designed to empower EUKA families.

Stay tuned and join us in shaping the future of education with the “Future Learners” podcast.


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Euka in the news!

📚 The Rise of Homeschooling 📚

“There’s massive amounts of families with children refusing to go to school for a plethora of reasons including bullying, just not feeling comfortable at school anymore, or not wanting to learn in the way learning is provided right now” said Brett Campbell Euka CEO.

The Dickson Family’s Journey

The Dickson family’s move from Townsville to Bali has allowed them to embrace the beauty of homeschooling. Their children continue to follow the Queensland curriculum with Euka, enjoying the flexibility to complete their studies on the beach, then exploring the wonders of Bali. This lifestyle, enabled by homeschooling, is just one example of how Euka facilitates extraordinary learning experiences and family adventures.

Follow the Dickson’s family adventures on social media here.

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Euka Leading the Homeschooling Wave in Queensland

We’re thrilled to share that Euka has been spotlighted on the renowned Sky News podcast, “The Late Debate,” as a leading force in homeschooling across Queensland post-pandemic. The segment dives into the remarkable surge in homeschooling and highlights Euka as the preferred choice for families seeking a comprehensive and engaging education from home.

Click the snippet below to listen:

🌟 Student Project Spotlight 🌟

Our students have been busy this month, with their incredible projects showcasing the ingenuity and dedication that Euka’s approach to education nurtures. We’re amazed by the Mars Rover models, digestive system replicas, and historical timelines and much more amazing projects that our students have created. Their passion for learning shines through their work, and we’re proud to highlight their achievements.

As March unfolds, let’s continue to celebrate the joys of learning and the boundless opportunities that homeschooling brings into our lives.

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