Euka News – March 2023

Autumn has Arrived! With March upon us we trust your family is settling well into a new year of Euka. This month we have some great articles provided to give you valuable ideas, tips and insights. If you have a topic you wish we would cover, feel free to let us know.

It has been fantastic to see the Euka Official Facebook group inundated with pictures showing the outstanding creativity of Euka students. If you haven’t joined the group, make your way to the following link and jump on. It’s a great way to touch base with other parents:

Did you catch Euka on the news? Click here to check out one of the fantastic Euka families and Euka’s CEO Jarryd Van Poppel sharing a little about Homeschooling.


Why Social Clubs?
It is vital that children have the chance to not only develop skills in areas they enjoy but also to feel like they are an integral member of a group. The Euka social groups allow kids to connect both with the Euka teacher and with other students in the group. They laugh together, discuss ideas, suggest solutions and create together, all while participating in an activity they enjoy.

How does it work?
Fill in the link below and choose which Clubs your child may enjoy Here. This will allow us to email you a zoom link and add you to the Facebook Club group. You will use the same link to get into the Club every week. The Clubs are optional, you can come to them all, or just when you have time. They will be on the same day and time each week. If you miss it and want to get involved, you can access the recording on the Euka Club Facebook page.

You or your child are welcome to post photos or videos of your successes or failures on the private club social group. This is a wonderful community full of encouragement and support.

Due to popular demand the clubs being run this Term are:
Tuesday – 4pm Lego Club with Oscar
Wednesday – 5pm Minecraft Club with Mr Matt
Thursday – 4pm Cooking Club with Tamara

If you haven’t already done so: Please feel welcome to sign up for our Euka Clubs using the link below:

Social Club Facebook Groups:-
Lego Club: 
Minecraft Club: 
Cooking Club: 

We look forward to seeing you in our Clubs!

Important: Our Euka Clubs align with the NSW Timezone and School Calendar dates: NSW public school term dates

Drivers Education

Did you know that Euka has a free drivers education course. The Drivers Ed course is designed to be helpful for students in all States. In the first week, you will find the links to the various State Learner Driver Instructions.

The weekly lessons cover material that is relevant in every State from general road rules to changing a tyre, what to do in an accident, and even what to look for when buying a car.

There are videos that feature various States and in this case, the program will note that, but all lesson material has been chosen to ensure relevance no matter which State you are in.
Let us know if you want this course added to your student’s portal.

Euka Community Calendar

World Wildlife Day
On 20 December 2013, at its 68th session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed 3 March – the day of signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Animals


Schools Clean Up Day. Let’s have HOMESCHOOL Clean Up Day
A Homeschool Clean Up Day is a great way to inspire your kids to learn about the impact of rubbish on their local environment while playing an active role in their home. It’s a day when students and parents work together to clean up an area which is special to you. Clean Up Australia Day will also be held on the 5th of March, 2023.


Earth Hour Homeschool Day
Earth Hour has always been for everyone. Every year, the hour of no power turns individuals, schools, businesses and communities into a million-strong movement of people raising their voice for nature through the symbolic action of switching off our lights.  You can also participate in Earth Hours main event on the 25th of March, 2023.


Students of the Month!

Tuscany (Grade 2) has created the Life Cycle of a Frog Science Work Sample.
Fantastic work Tuscany you have created a wonderful poster to share what you have learnt.

Annie (Foundation – and little brother)
You have used all of the space on your paper to create a beautiful painting!
The colours you have chosen are bright and vivid. You have chosen amazing patterns for the flowers. You are very creative! Well done. Euka

3 year old Archer joined in with his sister (Annie) Foundation Art lesson. Well done Archer.

TJ (Grade 8)
Wow! Your art project depicts the bright colours and still life objects inspired by Wayne Thiebaud! The shapes you have painted are terrific.
The shadows look amazing. The streaks painted in washes of diluted paint are wonderful. Your use of space in your art project are valuable details also. Nice job! Euka

Toby (Grade 5) Geography: Europe.
“The painting of the 3D topography map was not my son’s favourite (too much like art!) but he gave it a go for a solid 15 minutes. The online “click on the country” quiz is so much fun!”
Fantastic effort Toby. You have put great effort into your 3D map and created a wonderful reminder of your Europe lessons.

Indianna (Grade 5) Geography – Topographical Map of Europe.
This is our first year of Homeschooling and my daughter is thriving. Her learning and capacity to absorb information and retain it is blowing my mind.
Well done! This is fantastic!!!!