Euka News – Welcome to 2022

Halfway through Term 1 and the students are well underway with their learning. We are excited to welcome back Deidre to the Euka teaching team after her time off bringing a new Eukaneer into the world. I am sure our families will be thrilled to have her support once again. We also welcome Jessica Burrows to our full-time teaching staff this month. What a wonderful group of Euka teachers we have!

The Euka team is hard at work supporting families and working on the new features being rolled out this year. As you will see in the coming terms, Euka is always seeking to raise the bar.

Euka Live Maths Lessons

Good news parents! No more trying to work out Maths that we all covered years ago. Our Euka Maths teachers are here to help. We now have a fantastic Euka teacher available, to explain each concept the children will face during the week. Every Monday the students are able to jump into a live zoom session and have the week’s Maths lessons explained, practised and discussed. At this stage, we are running these live classes for Grade 6 – 10, with the intention of rolling them out across further Grades. Your child can join with or without camera, they can ask questions (or just listen), and receive valuable feedback.

As you may know, Euka has spent 6 months on the total uplift of the Maths program. New lessons and added videos are providing our students with confidence as they dive into their Mathematics. The added bonus of our Euka teacher, dedicated to explaining all the week’s lessons, gives students and parents the peace of mind they need as they start the week.

Another great advantage is that your child can join any level of the Maths lessons. If they require revision or extension, they can just click on the Grade level lesson they want to join and off they go.

If you are unable to be there live and would prefer to have the recorded links sent via email, just let us know. We also post them on the Facebook group every Tuesday. Maths Club invite links below:-

Maths Club invite links below:-

Maths Club MON 12:30pm – 1:00pm | Grade 6: Click Here
Maths Club MON 1:15pm – 1:45pm | Grade 7: Click Here
Maths Club MON 2:00pm – 2:30pm | Grade 8: Click Here
Maths Club MON 2:45pm – 3:15pm | Grade 9: Click Here
Maths Club MON 3:45pm – 4:15pm | Grade 10: Click Here

Here are a few of the responses we have had from parents & students so far.

Thank you Euka. These lessons have made life so much easier for me and *****. Instead of having me trying to explain it, he watches the lesson on Monday and uses the link to revise through the week when he hits a problem or is not sure.

Sharon (parent) – Penrith

Caitlin is really nice and makes my maths easier. I understand what I have to do every day.

Josh (student)– Launceston

It has been great to see the change in confidence. The Maths lessons have allowed ****r to ask questions and clarify her understanding before the week has really begun.

Ben (parent) – Newcastle

Euka Clubs

Euka Clubs are already halfway through the Term! It has been fantastic to see the creations made in Lego Club, the delicious meals prepared in Cooking Club and the engagement of students in the Minecraft Club. If you haven’t joined a Social Club yet, let us know and we will be happy to get you all signed up.

The exciting news is that we plan some fun NEW clubs to be added to those we already run, in Term 2.  So watch this space!!!

Monthly Admin Team Tip

Euka students are all supported to ensure they are working at their own pace. Once you’re ready for your child’s Mathletics or Literacy Planet account to be adjusted to a new Grade level, please email us at and we’ll be more than happy to assist with your request.

Please note: This is not done automatically at the start of the new year due to students all working on different areas and activities at various times.