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🌟 Student Project Spotlight 🌟

In our “Student Highlights”, we celebrate the incredible achievements of Euka’s young learners. From heartfelt conversations across generations to crafting miniature worlds and diving deep into the workings of the earth and its seasons, our students are showcasing their passion for knowledge and creativity.

A Deliciously Creative Map of Australia

Lachlan, from Grade 1, has turned his love for baking into a fun learning experience! Lachlan created an Australia-shaped cookie and decorated it with his favourite ingredients to represent the different states. His artistic and tasty project showcases his creativity and knowledge of Australian geography. Great job, Lachlan! Keep up the fantastic work!

Hands-On Learning with Speedway Car Repairs

Jai, from Grade 5, is taking his learning beyond the classroom with an exciting hands-on project. Jai is diving into the world of automotive repair by working on his very own speedway car. Through this project, he’s learning valuable skills in mechanics and engineering, while also nurturing his passion for racing. Fantastic work, Jai! Keep up the dedication and enthusiasm!

Crafting a Colonial Ship: A Journey into History

Ryder, from Grade 4, has combined his love for history and exploration into an impressive project. Ryder has constructed a colonial ship, diving deep into the history of maritime exploration. This detailed model showcases his creativity, craftsmanship, and understanding of historical events. Fantastic work, Ryder! Your dedication to bringing history to life is truly inspiring!

Sharing the Joy of Learning About Clouds

This heartwarming moment captures the essence of learning and sharing. A proud Prep student enthusiastically explains the different types of clouds to her little sister. The excitement and pride on her face as she shares her newfound knowledge are truly priceless. This beautiful interaction showcases the joy of discovery and the importance of sibling support in the learning journey. Keep shining, little meteorologist!

🎧 The Latest from the Future Learners Podcast 🎧

We’re now 30 episodes in, releasing every Thursday morning! Hosted by our very own CEO Brett Campbell and Founder Ellen Brown we discuss a range of subjects that are crucial for students, parents, and educators alike.

📢Our Most Recent Episode🚨

Setting your Pre-schooler up for Success | 030

Brett and Ellen discuss practical strategies for setting up preschoolers for success in their learning journey. They explore the importance of intentional parenting, the role of play, and how to foster independence and curiosity in young children. By delving into the nuances of early childhood education, Brett and Ellen emphasise the foundational impact these early years have on a child’s future learning and development. They provide parents with actionable tips on creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages exploration and learning.

Should Children Under 16 be Banned from using Social Media? | 029

Brett and Ellen delve deep into the controversial topic of whether children under 16 should be banned from using social media. They explore the complex landscape of mental health impacts, safety concerns, and the significant roles parents and the government play in regulating social media use among young people.

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📰 our most recent headlines 📰

📣 Euka Enables Flexible Lifestyle for Homeschooling Family 📰

We are excited to share that one of our wonderful families has been featured in a recent article. After deciding to move from Australia to Bali for a simpler life and better cost of living, Mia and Chad Dickson turned to Euka to provide a high-quality homeschooling education for their four children. With our comprehensive curriculum, the Dickson kids are thriving academically while embracing the rich cultural experiences Bali has to offer.

📣 Breakfast Show Guest Appearance! 📻

Euka Founder, Ellen Brown, was recently invited to the ABC Gold Coast Saturday Breakfast Radio Show! Ellen discussed the remarkable growth of homeschooling in Queensland, highlighting how many parents are now opting for a gap year with their children. This trend sees families travelling and homeschooling as an enriching alternative to traditional schooling.

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