euka News – July 2023

July is here and our latest newsletter is packed with exciting updates! From insightful university information sessions for Grades 11 & 12 to the boundless creativity in Euka Clubs like Lego and Cooking, there’s a world of learning and fun below!

Grade 11 & 12 Griffith University information session

We want to thank the team at Griffith for their time, and all the helpful information they provided for our students who are interested in moving into Griffith University after their Grade 11 & 12 program with Euka. It is fantastic to see the opportunities that are waiting for our students without the need for an ATAR.

If you missed the university information session held by the team at Griffith Qld, there is no need to worry as we have recorded it and can provide the link to you. Simply contact the Euka team to request that recording link. If you have any questions on the back of the session, we are happy to provide the contact details of our Griffith College co-ordinator to ensure you get the answers you need. 

Next University Information Session – University of Wollongong NSW

We are thrilled to announce the next online information session is coming up. 18th July 6-7pm. Register your place using this link. 

The team at UOW college will be able to discuss how the program works, advise on subject selection and answer any questions you may have about the transition to university. 

We will be recording the session to ensure those that are not available, don’t miss out. 

Did you know you can enrol with Euka at any time of the year?

You may not be aware that Euka students can enrol at any time. The program is self-paced and this allows students a few options. They can begin at Term 1 and in some cases go back and redo Terms they would prefer to revise. Alternatively, they can begin at Term 2, 3 or 4 and look back over any subjects you feel need revision. We are all about working with you to provide the very best educational experience for your individual child. 

You can also enrol anytime for Grades 11 & 12!

We have had a number of parents and students reaching out and asking us about the possibility of starting Grade 11 & 12 now. As Euka is self-paced, students can begin at any time! That being said, if a student has been at school, and is interested in moving into Euka to complete Grade 11 and 12, we are happy to discuss credits and/or the chance to get an exemption from Terms they have done previously. We are here to support you in your learning journey. 

Euka Clubs 2023 – Term 2 Highlights

Lego Club

It has certainly been an exciting term of Lego Club these past few weeks! We’ve seen old faces, new faces, new friends, exciting new builds with lots of creativity, and a LOT of funny stories to share between us all! 

Here are just some of the highlights from this past term!

New faces:

We’ve seen quite a few new members this term! Too many to list in a blog post, in fact! We had sisters Jenson and Airlie win their first Lego session with a build of Chilyssia with the power to talk to animals! We welcomed Reece, Logan, and Darcy the following week, with Logan sharing their love of writing with Olivia, Darcy sharing their trip to Japan, and Reece sharing their camping trip where they went fishing! And last but not least, we welcomed Dylan, who demonstrated his creative abilities with their creative twist on the animal mix-and-match challenge!

New challenges:

This term had more group challenges than ever! For the majority of the term, each week’s challenge had club members working together to create their builds. We’ve had challenges that involve building what other members did over the holidays, constructing other members with their favourite superpowers, working together to create creative animal mix ups, and recreating objects that other members had in their room, just to say the least! This was certainly the most collaborative and most social term we’ve ever had in Lego club, and I look forward to providing even more collaborative challenges for our members to attempt!

I look forward to seeing you all next term! If you have any suggestions for challenges or changes you’d like to see in the Lego club, feel free to ask on the Facebook page, or message me directly!

All the best,

Your friendly Lego club host,

– Oscar

Minecraft Club

The Minecraft Club has been filled with exciting highlights and adventures for its members. From showcasing impressive builds like secret rooms and alliteration-themed creations, to exploring winter wonderlands and our brand new SkyIslands world, the club and server have been growing more than ever. Fun-filled activities such as parkour challenges, Simon Says, and hide-and-seek have brought laughter and built friendships among the players. The club has also embraced the latest Minecraft updates, as we experimented with new blocks and items to bring some fresh builds to the club. This term has evolved the club like never before, as we brought new games, new blocks, and new ideas to the server. It has been wonderful learning and exploring the wonderful world of Minecraft together.

– Mr. Matt

Cooking Club

In Cooking Club this term we had such a fun time learning how to cook new recipes and trying foods from different cultures. We loved making homemade gozleme, a chickpea curry, sugar cookies and so much more! Thank you to everyone who came to cook and chat with me and the class, I can’t wait to get cooking in the kitchen again with all our wonderful chefs!
– Tamara

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Euka Support team

Our dedicated team of learning specialists are here to help you every step of the way. From giving advice on just starting out, to providing support for parents on lessons and working through the needs for registration and reporting. Knowing you have a team here, ready and willing to ensure you are equipped with all the information you need, is a huge relief. We look forward to speaking with you soon.