Euka News – January 2023

Welcome to Euka for 2023!

It has been a fantastic start to the year with many new families joining the enthusiastic Euka community. Thank you so much to all the families that sent in emails of encouragement and gratitude, at the end of last year. The team at Euka felt very supported and certainly invigorated to make this year the best ever.

You will be finding new lesson uplifts to excite, new social clubs being launched, a whole new way to complete Grade 11 & 12, not to mention the continued support of the Euka team.

We trust that this year will be a great one, with lessons wrapped in fun and the renewed joy of learning.


Great news, the Euka clubs will be up and running from the first week in February!

So what are Euka Social Clubs? They are free weekly live zoom clubs, for current Euka students where kids can have the opportunity to mix with others and develop their interests.

Why Social Clubs?

It is vital that children have the chance to not only develop skills in areas they enjoy but also to feel like they are an integral member of a group. The Euka social groups allow kids to connect both with the Euka teacher and with other students in the group They laugh together, discuss ideas, suggest solutions and create together, all while participating in an activity they enjoy.

How does it work?

Fill in the link below and choose which Clubs your child may enjoy Here. This will allow us to email you a zoom link and add you to the Facebook Club group. You will use the same link to get into the Club every week. The Clubs are optional, you can come to them all, or just when you have time. They will be on the same day and time each week. If you miss it and want to get involved, you can access the recording on the Euka Club Facebook page.

You or your child are welcome to post photos or videos of your successes or failures on the private club social group. This is a wonderful community full of encouragement and support.

Due to popular demand the clubs being run this Term are:
Tuesday – 4pm Lego Club with Oscar
Wednesday – 5pm Minecraft Club with Mr Matt
Thursday – 4pm Cooking Club with Tamara

New Self-Paced Grade 11 & 12

As you will know it is foundational to the Euka team that we provide an education program that meets the needs of the students. To re-examine the “why” behind how things have always been done. As a result, we have turned the Senior years upside down and said, “let’s provide an education for the student, rather than a “one-size-fits-all model”. The 2023 Grade 11 & 12 course will allow students to work at their own pace. There are no start or finish dates on Terms and no assessment due dates. Instead, students can confidently move through their learning and complete their assessments as they are ready. Just like the Euka junior Grades, some students will move through swiftly, others may like to take a little longer. Most will follow the school terms.

Well done to the Euka students who have just completed Grade 12. We have many great reports of students moving off into universities all over the country. Many others are moving into the work force and various traineeships. We are so proud of all of them.

We trust this year will be a wonderful experience for all our senior students and remember we are here if you have any questions.

Lesson uplifts

By now you will have seen the new updated interactive questions and marking that have been added to the Euka lessons. This has been a massive undertaking and will now allow parents to look over marked work, rather than having to go to the answer sheets for every lesson.

The wonderful news is that after the trial of the new technology in High School last year, we have now rolled it out for Grades 3 – 6!

The addition of the interactive questions is of course a huge time saver for parents, but also keeps students engaged in the lesson and receiving valuable instant feedback.

Enjoy the new active way of learning!

Mathletics Information

We have had some parents reach out at the start of Term with some Mathletics questions. It may help to read the following information: 
We need you to let us know if you want your child’s Mathletics account to be moved up to the next Grade. Not every child works at the same pace. Some prefer to take lessons slower, or have started later, and will not be ready at the beginning of the year. As a result, just email the team when you are ready to have the account moved up and we will be happy to do that for you –

When you go to the new Grade level, you may be surprised to find some lessons already completed. That is because Mathletics have added some lower Grade level lessons for students who may need revision. Some revision lessons may already be marked off. You will not be asked to do those again, but you will be asked to look over any that you feel you may have been forgotten over the holiday break. The support team are here to help.

Students of the Month!

Madison (Grade 5) has LOVED learning about Australian famous people in History this term.
She spent so much time on her drawings and also used materials and other items to make them look as authentic as she could

Rita – creating an eco-friendly bird feeder! Birds will enjoy nibbling on the seed.
Fantastic construction Rita!

Jordan finished off year 10 in style and has done really well in all areas! Here is his launchpad project.
He wanted to do something for his sister as she has trouble walking her dog as he pulls her over with no strength due to a brain tumor. Jordan is also passionate about recycling and he also completed his carpentry course project pot plant stand.
Fantastic work Jordan

Luka is Collecting data by observing the random colours the spinner points to. He is proving that probability is interesting!
Your focus and effort given to recording the outcomes is terrific!