Euka News – February 2023

Welcome to Euka News February 2023!

With the first Term of the year in full swing, we want to warmly welcome all returning students and also the new students who have joined us for Term 1. We trust this year will be full of fun, learning and adventure. We heard yesterday from a mum who was thrilled that her Grade 10 son eagerly jumped into a science experiment, examining DNA, on his first day. There is plenty of learning fun ahead.

We want to thank all families that participated in the recent Euka survey. The insight you have provided will allow us to keep providing new and exciting features that are really wanted by the Euka community. This month we have included useful articles we hope will inspire and equip parents as they begin the year. An article on how learning takes place, information for those new to homeschooling, ideas to boost your family’s creativity, and some ideas on grabbing some quality time with teens.
You will also find information about the Parent Council of Victoria.
We trust the year ahead with Euka will be a fantastic homeschooling experience.


We are thrilled that so many are joining the clubs! If you haven’t heard of them or want to join up, read below.

How does it work?
Fill in the link below and choose which Clubs your child may enjoy Here. This will allow us to email you a zoom link and add you to the Facebook Club group. You will use the same link to get into the Club every week. The Clubs are optional, you can come to them all, or just when you have time. They will be on the same day and time each week. If you miss it and want to get involved, you can access the recording on the Euka Club Facebook page.

You or your child are welcome to post photos or videos of your successes or failures on the private club social group. This is a wonderful community full of encouragement and support.

Due to popular demand the clubs being run this Term are:
Tuesday – 4pm Lego Club with Oscar.
Wednesday – 5pm Minecraft Club with Mr Matt.
Thursday – 4pm Cooking Club with Tamara.

Click for a SNEEK PEEK: Euka Cooking Club Term 1, 2023.
Week 1: 9th Feb: Lemon + Raspberry Cookies
Week 2: Noodle Stir Fry
Week 3: Mango Sorbet
Week 4: Fried Rice
Week 5: Fruit Salad
Week 6: Crispy Spiced Potatoes
Week 7: Creamy Chicken + Mushroom Pasta
Week 8: Choc Chip Banana Bread
Week 9: Mini Apple Pies
Week 10: Tomato + Garlic Pasta

*NOTE: Once you have joined the Cooking Club, email us at for a copy of the Term recipe so you can ensure you are all organised!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – Mathletics Information

We have had some parents reach out at the start of Term with some Mathletics questions. It may help to read the following information:
We need you to let us know if you want your child’s Mathletics account to be moved up to the next Grade. Not every child works at the same pace. Some prefer to take lessons slower, or have started later, and will not be ready at the beginning of the year. As a result, just email the team when you are ready to have the account moved up and we will be happy to do that for you –

When you move ahead to the new Grade level, you may be surprised to find some lessons already completed. That is because Mathletics have added some lower Grade level lessons for students who may need revision. Some revision lessons may already be marked off. You will not be asked to do those again, but you will be asked to look over any that you feel you may have been forgotten over the holiday break. The support team are here to help.

Survey Winners:

Thank you to all families who participated in the Euka survey. We have been able to hear directly from you, regarding the services you would find valuable, and how you might like them to work. We are busy taking all that information and using it to lead us forward with exciting new features due to be released later in the year. Watch this space!

As promised two families have been drawn at random to win a $100 gift card.
The names of those families are:
Clever Kids: Louise B.
Premium: Krista G.

Students of the Month!

The Euka official Facebook group is a fantastic place to connect with other parents and to share the success of the students. The team at Euka are overwhelmed by the fantastic creations the kids have made. Here are a few of the outstanding Euka students this month.

Khahish has started his school work today!

Khahish has decorated his cover for Mr. Poppers penguins. It also includes aliens invasion!

Shiva in Grade 10 has been busy balancing her sport commitments and homeschooling “ Euka has been incredibly accommodating over the years with my riding and school schedule as well as being supportive in allowing my study to be a grade ahead of my age group.”

Montana’s English novel study last term. Major Work Sample.

Back to school 2023! Henry Matisse inspired art from Jerry G2T1.