Euka News – August 2023

University information sessions

At this stage we have held two Information sessions for Euka students and their families. These provided a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and discuss the pathways into the various universities. If you have a child with Euka and would like to access the recordings of these sessions, contact the Euka team and request a link. We are passionate about providing our students with a never before offered, seamless transition into university. Keep your eyes on the coming newsletters for further sessions from various universities. 


The Queensland Government has approached Euka to ask any students looking for trade apprentices to look at joining the QBuild team. 

Trades available include carpentry, refrigeration mechanic, electrical, painting, and plumbing across Queensland.  

There’s plenty of variety for a QBuild apprentice with no two days the same. One day an apprentice could work on a new build, and the next, could perform restoration or maintenance work on a heritage building. The opportunities are


A QBuild apprenticeship offers a flexible, safe, inclusive, and diverse work environment with a chance to earn while you learn. 

Find out more info here.

Euka ID

We recently launched a new way of logging in with the change from our student emails to the new Euka ID.

If you’d like more information, find out everything you need to know here.

euka social clubs term 3

Great news the social clubs will be up and running from 18th July until 22nd September.

If you are planning on joining in sign up using the link below.

We are running Cooking Club, Lego Club and Minecraft Club each week.

Explore new hobbies, make new friends, and just have a blast.

Sign up for the Euka Clubs now.

We can’t wait to have you on board!

student highlight

Brianna Grade 9 sent in some photos of a delicious Pavlova she made for Science. As you can see she used this to demonstrate her understating of the earth layers and added labels to show where they would be found. Top job Brianna. A yummy way to discover more about our earth!