Euka News – April 2023

Welcome to the April newsletter.

Term 1 has flown by and we know there are many families preparing for a break over the school holidays. Others are just coming back from a break and ready to begin Term 2. One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is the ability to arrange holidays when you choose! With Term 2 on our minds, take some time to read about the social clubs and join up if you have not already joined. This month you will see we have been blown away by the student achievements. Check out this month’s Students of the Month. Senior news has an update for all UPC senior students and our own CEO Jarryd has been asked to share more about homeschooling, as the student numbers rise. You can see his latest interview below.

Senior News

We just want to remind Grade 11 & 12 UPC students that there are no due dates on the assessments. Many of our Grade 11 & 12 students are coming to the end of Term 1. This means that the assessments for term 1 can be uploaded. Having said that, the Grade 11 & 12 program is self-paced, and as a result, students can upload their assessments at any time. If students are not ready to upload assessments, that is no problem at all. Working at a pace that is right for you is what is most important when wanting to get the best out of your educational experience.

Club updates

As most will know, Euka holds online social clubs during the week. These are open to all current Euka students and can be joined at any time. When you join a club you will have access to the weekly club link, so that your child can join the club live and get into the action. There is no commitment to be there every week. Just join in when it suits you. Our fantastic Euka Club teachers have provided a Term 1 in review. Check out what has been happening in the Euka Clubs this Term. If you are a current Euka family, and you are not yet a member of the Euka Clubs and would like to be, simply use link below to sign up to the Clubs of your choice:

Euka Clubs 2023 – Term 1 Highlights

Lego Club
For this term of the Lego Club, we’ve created a social environment that creates natural opportunities for kids to interact and socialise amongst each other! We’ve done this through Lego challenges that are solved in groups, bringing students together to collaborate and use their imagination and Lego-building skills!
Some of these included the challenge of building the different parts of a house and different parts of a snowy landscape scene!
The kids have been very receptive to this, asking in future sessions if they could do other challenges in groups as well! Through these group-building sessions and collaborative story-telling over multiple weeks in which students can influence the story through Lego builds, this Term has been very collaborative and loads of fun!
I look forward to hosting future Lego Club sessions, and I hope to see more students in the future!

Minecraft Club
The Minecraft Club members have been on fire lately, unleashing their boundless imaginations to build a stunning array of worlds, escape rooms, dreamscapes, and ancient creatures that will leave you in awe. The club members have gone head-to-head in epic build battles and joined forces to shape a fantastic realm called KV65, where kingdoms and towns have sprung up, including the Flamewing Nation, which is attracting a swarm of new members. But that’s not all. These talented players are also working their magic on revitalising run-down buildings, building quirky shops that add life and charm to the world, and collaborating on ambitious projects that push the limits of creativity. It’s a world of endless possibilities, and the Euka Minecraft Club is leading the charge.

Cooking Club
Term 1 of Cooking Club in 2023 was filled with delicious meals, snacks and desserts. The most popular thing we made was the Crispy Spiced Potatoes and coming at a close second was the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta! We all love catching up on exciting news that our chefs choose to share, and it’s even better that we make something yummy to eat at the end!

Euka Clubs sign up
Explore new hobbies, make new friends, and just have a blast. Sign up for the Euka Clubs now Here. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Euka makes the news:

You may have been seeing Euka all over the place recently. From the ABC to the Daily Telegraph, Euka families have been featured enjoying the Homeschooling experience.
Check out the latest interview here:

Students of the Month!

Zachary has been busy creating the moon phases for Science in Grade 3.
There is no doubt that looking at the moon will bring this fun activity to mind, and the moon phases will never be forgotten.
You cannot beat hands on learning – Well done Zachary!


Nieve (Grade 8) has spent a great deal of time creating a fantastic timeline and Information report.
The tremendous amount of time, research and tech skills can be seen in the finished products. Top work Nieve!

Morgan Grade 8 has been extremely creative with software skills to create his own Pugemon cards.
These would be a huge hit! Well done on thinking outside the box Morgan.

Axon Grade 2 has had the most memorable time learning comprehension.
Cooking allows scope for learning so many different concepts.
In this case, it just happens to be in Grade 2 English. Well done on a fantastic yummy creation!