Euka News – Welcome to 2022

Grade 11 & 12.

The students in Grade 11 and 12 have done a fantastic job of getting on top after a delay from our textbook provider. It has been outstanding to see the assessments for Term 1 rolling in as well as the feedback from the non-assessed students on their progress.

Please note: The UPC course assessment marks will be posted on your portal two weeks after the due date (8th April) and you will also receive an email with each subject mark and comment. If the teacher has found an assessment that has not reached at least 60%, they will send back some helpful tips and information, allowing you to rework the assessment and resubmit it if you choose to.

TERM 2: Programs will be open from 19th April 2022, however week 1 officially starts on 26th April. Term 2 Assessments due the 1st July.

Club Update:

A great start to 2022 saw many new students enrol with Euka in Term 1. With so many new students joining the ranks we felt it would be helpful to do a club overview for those who are not familiar with the social clubs we run.

What makes them social?

Well, our clubs give students the chance to do activities they enjoy, just for fun, with others who have the same hobbies. They share with the group and respond to others who are sharing their creations and generally feel included in a safe space.

Which Clubs are available in Term 2 and when?

Tuesday: Lego Club – 4:00pm
Wednesday: Minecraft Club – 4:00pm
Thursday: Cooking Club – 4:00pm

How to join the clubs:

If you are a current Euka family, Click Here and enrol in the Clubs of your choice. You will receive an email each week with details of the coming weeks requirements, so you can be ready. There is also a Facebook group for each Club so you can post pictures and students can ask each other questions or just touch base with each other.

Lego Club Update from Jess.

We have been running Lego Club for 1 year now! In the past 6 months, Jess has been a wonderful Lego leader. Unfortunately, as Jess’s role at Euka has expanded, Term 1 is her last Term leading the club. Never fear, we have a fantastic new Lego Leader starting in Term 2. Stay tuned for details on that.

“We had such a creative, messy, and fun-filled term of Lego building! Each week we found ourselves completely amazed and mystified by the talents and skills of our fellow Lego Club Master Builders.”

This Term a different Lego Club student had the honour of choosing the weekly Lego Club challenge for the class. As the term went on, every student became more involved and continued to push themselves out of their comfort zone. This led to the making of some truly awesome builds like some of the examples below:-


One Awesome Highlight from this term is that one of our very own Master Builders Olivia had the amazing opportunity to meet Brickman and participate in some mini Lego masters challenges. 

Cooking Club Update by Tamara our fabulous Cooking Teacher.

This term in Cooking Club, we’ve made some great meals and some that didn’t work as planned (the avocado mousse tasting too much like avocado…). The crispy chicken salad in week 4 was so delicious, and the brownies in our last week even better! In our club, we got to see some chooks, birds, cats and dogs, as well as some crazy dance moves in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see some old and new faces in term 2!

Eliza’s Lemon Loaf

Minecraft Club Update by MR Matt our Minecraft Leader.

Minecraft club this term had evolved like never before this year. The highlight of this year has to be our minigames and build battles. It has been a great place to make friends, and all play together. Whether it be when we had to close down our hide and seek school because everyone caught a mysterious deadly virus, or our randomised build battles where you might have to build a laser parrot, or an anime Shrek. The memories we have all made together as friends are ones that will last a lifetime. That’s the magic of Minecraft club.

Click Here for some photos of some of the stuff we have all built, some of recos builds, and some build battles we have done.

One of the students ‘recolourful’ is a wonderful builder, also all the kids building together is really fun. Photos marked Reco in the title are some of his builds

Here is a group shot of some of our players.

The build battles are challenges all the students build based on a random build idea we come up with together. Great to see how all the kids are interacting with one another.

And there is also a photo of the school we use to play hide and seek.
It shows how the builds we make become a bigger part of our club culture for games. The student Bree actually made the school and we all use it to play hide and seek and some roleplay games

Euka Students of the Month!

We are always thrilled to see the fantastic learning going on in Euka families. The Euka Facebook group is filled to the brim with the achievements of students from Clever Kids to Grade 12. Just as important are the positive comments, tips and encouraging messages that are shared. Well done to all the Euka families for a fantastic start to 2022.
It shows how the builds we make become a bigger part of our club culture for games. The student Bree actually made the school and we all use it to play hide and seek and some roleplay games

Tej Veer Singh Bajwa Grade 3

Aylssa-Jade Pike – Science experiment

Grade 5 – Ryder Lewis Proud to display his English Work

Rita Grade 4 “Finishing off our last work sample of soil erosion”

Mr Grade 10 and his wonderful Cooking Skills

Hannah Grade 8 – Rainforest Terrarium. Grade 8 Geography, Term Two, Week One. Hannah loved creating this model of the rainforest structure. Lots of fun and mess.

Jerry with her Audubon inspired bird art. She loved working with watercolours. Thank you so much EUKA team for another great term of learning!