Getting Started

Registration & Reporting in Western Australia

Euka can help make your homeschooling registration and reporting in Western Australia simple and stress free.

As in all States, homeschoolers in Western Australia need to register with the Department of Education from ages 5.5 to 17.5. You can register to homeschool/home educate in WA before you begin or within 14 days of removing your child from school.

To begin the registration process contact your nearest regional education office and ask to speak to a home education moderator. You can get this number online.

You will be sent a form which you will need to lodge with them. You are then issued a Certificate of Home Education. This certificate does not expire unless you put your children back in school. While you are registered you are required to have visits from a home education moderator. Your first visit is within 3 months of registration, and then each year after that.

The home education moderator (approved person from the WA Department of Education who will come to your home or an agreed meeting place – library) usually contacts you to make an appointment within three weeks. This visit will just include checking your homeschooling program. This is fully taken care of by Euka.

The Euka program includes all the subjects the Department requires: English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Science (includes: history, geography, civics and politics), Arts (includes: visual arts, dancing and music), Health and Physical Education, and Languages.

When using Euka we will provide you with full year documentation to include as your full year learning plans, which show when and how you will cover the Australian curriculum in every subject. We also provide you with the templates and information about how to tailor the program to fit your individual child’s needs. It is important to show how the program will be adapted. Our team is very happy to help with this process, and offer a full Euka registration service.

For WA families, we assist you to prepare your application with all the documentation and support you need. We also provide a simple and effective way of reporting that shows excellence in your child’s education.

Disclaimer: This advice has come from our years of experience in having successfully assisted thousands of students to gain Department of Education approval, in all States of Australia. – For clarification of any aspects, please contact the Department of Education in WA.