How Does Homeschooling Affect Your Career Options?

Did you know that there are around 30,000 homeschooled students in Australia?

That number’s been on the rise consistently for many years now. With remote work allowing parents to travel more and the pandemic making homeschooling mandatory, we don’t expect it’s going to slow any time soon!

If you’re thinking of homeschooling for your children, it definitely has a lot of perks. But how do employers view homeschooling, and will it affect your child’s career options?

Find out everything you need to know in this article. 

Do Homeschooled Children Do As Well as Mainstream School Children?

To first look at how homeschooling can affect your children’s options for careers, it’s a good idea to see how well they perform. If on average little ones that were learning from the comfort of their home were getting worse results than those in the mainstream school system, it would put them at a disadvantage. Luckily, though, they’re not.

In fact, homeschooled children are achieving either similar or higher academic success than those in mainstream school. There are numerous studies pointing to their success and showing that, even in standardized testing, homeschool pupils appear to be coming out ahead. 

There’s also evidence that they’re happier and more socially engaged, which are both definite perks in development! All in all, homeschooled children are likely to come out more knowledgeable and with better grades, which should put them in good standing when it comes to employment.

Looking at all of that, it’s no wonder that Australians are homeschooling more and more!

There Are Many Benefits Employers Will Favour

Whether your child is looking at business, engineering, nursing, or any career options, there are certain benefits of homeschooling that employers will love. Along with the higher grades, these could help their CV to shine and open them up to the best career options. Let’s take a look at some of them.

More Time on Out of the Ordinary Work

If you look at the average CV of a mainstream school student, there probably won’t be much difference. They might have got different grades and chosen different after school clubs, but their experience is going to be largely the same. That’s not the case when you homeschool.

Because you have more time when homeschooling and a more flexible schedule, you can teach your children things that might not be on the national curriculum. You could teach them two languages, for example, which isn’t usually an option at mainstream schools and can help open up more options for careers. You can also take them on interesting trips whilst homeschooling, like to museums, to see plays, and even travelling the world whilst you teach. Many homeschooled teenagers enjoy work experience in a variety of fields giving them a huge advantage of prior knowledge. 

The point is, you can do things that a regular school just can’t. That will add so much to your child’s CV and when it’s interview time it’ll give them a lot more to talk about.

Time Management and Responsibility

In a mainstream school, children are shuttled around classes based on a bell and do what their teachers say. But that doesn’t teach them important independent skills needed in the working world. Namely, time management and responsibility.

Independent, self-driven learners are a natural byproduct of homeschooling. From a young age, have your child time their own lessons and give them control over ensuring everything they need to do gets done in those times. Give them more control over their own learning timetable and they’ll become more responsible. 

When it comes to the best career options, all of them will admire skills like time management and being independent. If your child can say they’ve been taught these skills from an early age and give examples, they’ll have a head start. 

Knowing How to Learn

When looking at options for careers, how many times is something along the lines of being able to think on your feet or taking initiative mentioned? A lot, that’s how many!

Employers love to hire staff who aren’t scared of a problem, and that’s where homeschooling shines. Homeschooling gives your child the time and space they need to work it out a problem for themselves. For example, if a laptop stops working, you can set your child the task of working out what’s wrong and how it can be fixed.

It might sound small, but being able to take charge in a stressful situation is a great skill to show off! They’ll also be capable of learning how to learn, rather than just consuming information. They’ll be more independent and capable, and who doesn’t want those qualities in their staff?

What Career Options Are Available?

As a homeschooled child the world is their oyster. As long as you’ve followed the proper curriculum and they have the grades needed, moving into apprenticeships, TAFE, work skills programs or University, is a straightforward process.  In fact, they have more freedom. If you spot what they love at a young age, you can tailor their homeschooling to allow for more of that subject. By the time they go to university or out for interviews, they can be years ahead of their peers!

The point is, homeschooling isn’t going to put your child at a disadvantage career-wise. In fact, it ends up doing the opposite. Students who study with Euka have the added advantage of University partnerships. Our students can rest assured that after they complete their study with Euka, a place can be gained into a university degree they have their eyes on. 

Start Homeschooling Your Children Today

If your child is still young, you don’t actually need to be worrying about career options right now. Just know that they’ll be absolutely fine no matter what route you all decide to take, as long as you’re there to support them. 

If you do choose to homeschool, be sure to take a look at our curriculum at Euka. We provide the very best online learning tools for you to homeschool your children and give them a bright future they can shape into their own.