Can a Working Parent Homeschool Effectively?

As the number of children registering for homeschooling continues to grow, some working parents are trying to figure out how they can handle both their jobs and homeschooling successfully.

Though combining homeschooling and working full-time is a challenge, with good planning, organisation, and some creative tips from experts, you can make it happen.

If you are wondering how to homeschool as a working parent, here are some practical tips to get you started.

1. Create a Schedule or Routine

The first step towards successful homeschooling for parents who work is creating a schedule. If you work from Monday to Friday, using an education program like Euka allos your children to be more independent. Often they can get their work done, while you do. Some parents find getting in some early lessons and doing some practical ones on the weekend is a great way to cover it. Remember, with Euka they can cover their schooling in just a few hours each day. 

If you have a night-time work schedule, you can set aside a few hours during the day to teach your child. Remember, children have a short attention span and will work better in short sessions anyway. Therefore, the quality of your teaching is more important than the number of hours you take to teach.

Regardless of your work schedule, you will be able to make the most of the few hours you have during the day. Once you determine when you can teach, have a plan on what to accomplish every day.

Whether the lesson takes 20 or 40 minutes, ensure that they have learned something new.

2. Stay Organised but not Obsessive

Though having a schedule and sticking to it is important, you also need to be flexible and creative with the school hours. As mentioned, you only need a few hours each day. Just plan the learning time that fits not only with their best learning time but also so that you can get your work done. Learn to be okay when things are delayed or do not go as planned.

Be willing, ready, and flexible enough to change as your needs or the needs of your child change.

To save time, stress and worry, do not develop the curriculum yourself.

Get a homeschool curriculum that covers all subjects and comes with answers. Euka ensures that parents who work can be flexible, and includes activities that a child can do with little or no supervision, or will enable them to study online.

Once you have a plan of what you want the kids to accomplish in a certain duration, you can always find time to make up for any missed lessons. In many cases you can adapt lessons by having a conversation around a topic instead of an activity sheet. Adapting the learning to fit your family is one of the joys of homeschooling. 

Having an eclectic approach to homeschooling will make things much simpler for you and your child.

3. Get the Right Help

You and your child’s time are valuable. You want to ensure that your child gets the best from homeschooling, and at the same time, you give your best at work so that you can keep your job.

Do not try to be like other families, who may look like they have mastered the art of homeschooling and working full-time. Instead, do the best you can, including getting help if you have to. It is great to know that the Euka team is here to support you if needed. The Euka families are also a great resource and keen to support each other on our online group.

Getting the right resources you need to make this a success is vital. The entire experience is simplified if teachers have mapped out the education plan, written the lessons, and provided materials. At Euka our teaching team works hard to provide a complete solution that will provide excellent educational opportunities for your children. 

4. Allow Your Child to Help

Balancing house chores and school work can be challenging. You may not be able to do it all on your own. Get your kids to help with the housework.

Depending on your child’s age, you can teach them to learn how to clean up after themselves after they have finished work. Older kids can also grade their work and sort the finished work with little supervision.

Involving your kids in housework is also a way of teaching them some important life skills. 

5. Get Outside

Homeschooling is far more than learning in the home. Getting outside is fantastic for the child’s physical and mental health. Physical Education is an important part of a curriculum, and a vital balance to other subject areas.

Whenever possible, try and take a walk together with the child as you handle some projects. Take advantage of the lessons that involve gardening, plants, or the environment to spend as much time outside as possible.

6. Take Care of Yourself

Homeschooling while working is not only manageable but also a wonderful way to bond as a family. Teach your children to take regular breaks in between lessons. Drink a lot of water, have a healthy and balanced diet, eat salads and fruits every day to ensure that you are healthy.

If you do not have time to cook, get healthy alternatives instead, and do not forget to get enough sleep.

7. Join a Homeschool Co-op

Joining a homeschool co-op can help you get the most of your free time. Such groups meet weekly and often have a parent or tutor provide specific classes. This can be a great way to get the skills you need to teach challenging subjects. Getting together with other homeschooling parents will also help you stay motivated.

Use These Tips for Successful Homeschooling and Working Full-Time

As you can see, you can work and still be able to homeschool your children perfectly. Though homeschooling and working full-time can be challenging at first, these tips will help you learn how to be the best teacher, parent, and employee.

Are you planning to homeschool your children and wondering how you will balance that with your work? We have the right solution for you. Contact our team, and we can discuss how to get you started with your journey.