After Homeschooling: A Review From a Mother’s Perspective

Teaching your children at home is finally a choice, instead of a government-issued mandate. More mums are choosing to homeschool their school-age children for safety, education, and a variety of other reasons.

After homeschooling for a season, both you and your children will find your rhythm and enjoy the learning/teaching process. Let’s find out more about homeschooling Australia style.

Home Schooling

Homeschooling is not a new concept that developed within the past two years. For many years, homeschooling has been a complete education alternative to public and private schools for children who for various reasons are not going to mainstream school.

There are many reasons for choosing to homeschool. These include, lifestyle choice, giftedness, learning challenges, religious beliefs, bullying, travelling and, more commonly, mums just wanting something different than what the school system can provide for their children. In all these situations homeschooling has been a reliable option.

Anyone can homeschool their children. You do not have to have any special training or have a degree in teaching to teach your children at home.

Especially now that online classes and coursework are available, it makes it so much more accessible to those who never would have dreamed of schooling their children at home before.

Is This The Right Fit For Your Family?

On paper and in theory, homeschooling is for many a great option. Yes, it can be challenging, But, it is also extremely rewarding, as a parent, to be engaged in your child’s education. Homeschooling can create a bond with your child like nothing else can.

As a homeschooling mum, you will need to support your child as they work through their lessons. This does not mean you need to teach them yourself. With a great program, you can act as the support person and see them become self-driven in their work. 

Many homeschooling mums are also working, making it even more important to have a program that is written to the child and completed by the child themself. With a clear plan and a program organised you will be set up for success, but don’t forget self-care!

Have a discussion with your children and your partner to work out an effective timetable for your family, prior to starting. Being well-prepared is the key.

Getting Started

Before you are legally allowed to start homeschooling your children, you must submit an application to be registered as a homeschooling family. This application will be specific to your State.

The parent or guardian who will be in charge of the child’s curriculum and lessons will submit the application. The great news is that Euka has a full registration and reporting service that makes this step simple. It is preferable to enroll with Euka and get your documentation organised prior to applying to homeschool, as the documentation we provide will make the process stress-free.

Homeschool Curriculum

The homeschooling regulations will differ slightly depending on where you live. However for the most part, you must cover the full Australian curriculum. The main point of difference is in NSW where the NSW curriculum must be covered.

Fear not, curricula can be purchased that are grade-appropriate and packed with the required material your young student will need. You will find that Euka provides a program that includes all subjects needed, in an easy to follow Term by Term, week by week program, tailored for your State as well as a fantastic support team.

Homeschool Groups

With the thousands of families moving to homeschooling, you are not alone. There are groups in most areas designed for homeschooling families. There are different types of homeschool groups, from support for the parents to gatherings so the kids can learn and study subjects with kids their age. Facebook is a great way to locate homeschooling groups in your area. Euka has a parent and Student Facebook group that facilitates catch-ups.

What can you gain from joining a homeschool group? It is a good idea to find one of these groups in your area to exchange ideas with other homeschooling parents. This will help you and your child to socialise with others, and develop some great friendships.

After Homeschooling

Ask any adult who was homeschooled how they feel about their education and you will receive a variety of answers, as every person’s experience was different.

The one that typically rings true across the board, though, is that the quality of their homeschooled education is often higher than that of public school education. Even more importantly the relationships and connections within the family itself are stronger. With extra time to explore the world, hang-out together and with friends, adults who were homeschooled say that both the mental and social side of life is greatly enhanced through homeschooling.

Home Is Where The School Is

As you can see homeschooling is rewarding for mums and is a priceless gift you can give to your children. For inquiries about our curriculum or homeschooling, contact Euka Future Learning, anytime!