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About this episode

In this episode, Brett and Ellen discuss:

  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Brett and Ellen start the discussion by highlighting the significance of conflict resolution skills for families and their inclusion in the Euka program, as well as in the general school curriculum

  • The Nature of Conflict: They discuss the common misconception among young children that conflict results in winners and losers, emphasising the need for a more comprehensive understanding of conflict resolution.

  • Six Steps of Conflict Resolution in Education: Ellen outlines the six-step process for teaching conflict resolution within the Euka program, starting from introducing the concept to young children and building on it each year.

  • Win-Win Concept and Active Listening: The discussion covers the importance of teaching children about the win-win concept and the role of active listening in resolving conflicts.

  • Empathy and Perspective Taking: Brett and Ellen talk about the development of empathy and understanding different perspectives, crucial skills for effective conflict resolution.

  • Avoiding Blame and Using I Statements: By the time students reach grade six and seven, the curriculum focuses on teaching them to avoid blaming others and to use “I” statements to express their feelings and perspectives.

  • Problem Solving and Self-Reflection: In high school, the curriculum shifts towards practicing problem-solving techniques, brainstorming solutions, and emphasising self-reflection and self-regulation to manage conflicts better.

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