The Ultimate “LOCKDOWN”

Homeschooling Survival Guide


For many, homeschooling is a new experience that is a potentially scary and daunting path that you never thought you would ever have to navigate as a parent. Due to the current rolling lockdowns around the globe and especially here in Australia, parents have found themselves in very murky, uncharted waters, trying to navigate their way upstream with no map, no compass and what feels like at times, no boat. 

What you are about to read is a digest of some of Eukas most valuable, battle-tested tips and strategies that we have tested, refined, then tested some more, with over 4500 of our Euka future learners over the last 5 years.

Some are so simple you’ll utter the words of the one and only Homer Simpson “DOH” whilst many will be new and extremely helpful. Add these to your homeschooling future learning toolbelt and try them out.

Access THE Ultimate Lockdown Homschooling Survival Guide