Club Update Term 4, 2021

We are just about to kick off the final term of Clubs for 2021! We will start Clubs in Week 2 of term, which is the week starting the 11th of October. It has been a crazy year of trying out various Club options – some with more success than others. Minecraft Club has definitely been a winner, with over 100 students playing together on the Euka Minecraft server. Fitness Club kept our early bird kids moving and Cooking Club had kids cooking up a storm. Read the following update from our Top Club hosts and register your child today.

minecraft update

By Mr Matt, our Minecraft expert (and University IT professor!)

After a term of building, battling, crafting, and adventuring together, Minecraft Club has come to an end. We have had over 100 different players check out our awesome server’s different worlds, with our creative world filled with our very own theme park, parkour course, medieval castles, and Japanese towers, as well as our Survival World with secret bases, small communities, and even houses for rent.

All our club members have been working together to make the server theirs. With weekly challenges and our very own Facebook page for members to share their builds with each other, it’s been a term filled with making time machines, animal sanctuaries, and best of all, friends.

I am so proud and impressed with everyone’s contributions this term and look forward to another term of mining and crafting with you all.

Mr Matt.

cooking club update

Term 4 will see Cooking Club continue. One improvement is that we will send the list of cooking projects and ingredients at the start of Term, which will help with planning for the weeks ahead. We have ensured a balance between healthy recipes and family fun favourites. Don’t forget Cooking Club is open to all ages. Here is an update from our Cooking teacher, Miss Tamara.

Hi Euka Chefs!

Cooking Club has been a blast this term. I have enjoyed seeing you all each week as we work through a huge variety of recipes. It has been awesome to see many cooks becoming more confident over the term together. With many experienced cooks in Primary and High School, you have shown the ability to adapt/substitute ingredients and make decisions with support on alterations when needed. Younger cooks have been busy supported by parents or grandparents and have shown great enthusiasm to try it all. Well done to all of you, and I look forward to seeing you next term.

Miss Tamara.

fitness club update

After a strong start to Fitness Club, the numbers dwindled and slowly dropped over the term. Perhaps the 8.30 Monday morning start was not everyone’s idea of fun! As a result, we will have a Term off Fitness Club and perhaps look at dividing it into skill levels to enable a more focused Fitness Club for older and younger students. Here is an update from the fabulous Miss Lyndsey.

Hi Fitness Fans,

It has been an absolute pleasure to work out with you each week this term. I was so impressed to see the huge variety of ages and skill levels in our morning catch-ups. There is no doubt you have shown your dedication to a healthy, fit lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your Mondays with me. Have fun and keep moving

Miss Lyndsey.

clubs for term 4

We will be continuing the most popular two clubs from Term 3 – Minecraft and Cooking Club and will reintroduce a well-loved club that has been on a break. Great news…… Lego Club is back!!!!! Lego Club will be a blast.

Club timetable Term 4:

Tuesday: Lego Club 4 pm

Wednesday: Minecraft Club 4 pm

Thursday: Cooking Club 4 pm