Anzac Day is both a celebration and a commemoration. Explaining to your children the reasons behind the traditions and services is an important part of the day. On April 25, as a nation, we commemorate Anzac Day and honour those who had served or are serving our country. In preparation for this meaningful day, we’ve put together an Anzac Day activity for you to use in your home.

Anzac Day provides us with the opportunity to talk to our students about the importance of the ANZACS (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) and the significant roles service men and women of our nations have now and had during the war.

During the Gallipoli Campaign, the Australian and New Zealand Forces created a powerful legacy commonly known as the ‘Anzac Legend‘. This then formed part of the identity for each nation, shaping past and future

Check out this video that can be shown to all age groups.

How to Create an ANZAC Soldier Silhouette Artwork

  1. Simply create a sunset background using one of the techniques below.
  2. Cut out the template and glue it on top of the sunset.
  3. Trim the edges of the background to match the template (i.e. trim around the outside of the circular template, or trim the sides of the rectangle template).

Sunset Background Techniques

  • Use red, orange, yellow and purple oil pastels to create a sunset. Gently blend the edges of each colour into the next.
  • Lay coloured crepe paper over a piece of white card and spray the crepe paper with water. Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and allow the dye to soak into the white card. Remove the crepe paper and let the card dry.
  • Use watercolour paints to create the sunset.
  • Stick tissue paper squares onto the sticky side of clear book contact to create a background for the silhouette.

Older students may like to do some research on Anzac day and attach a summary to the bottom of the artwork.

Click Here for a link to the templates: