The Five Stages of Homeschooling every Parent will Recognise

Generally speaking, for most people homeschooling comprises a number of stages. Some of them last only a short time, while others hang around. Can you identify which stage you are in?

When you begin homeschooling, there is bound to be a time of adjustment for both parent and child. But rest assured this will work out and a new, far more peaceful normal will arrive.

Stage 1: Confusion stage

Mixed messages from other parents cause panic. Some kids are smashing out three hours of work a day. Others are just playing on screens. There are those creating masterpieces and others who are lucky to get an activity sheet completed. I often think that starting homeschooling is like bringing your first baby home. Everyone has advice. Everyone seems to know more. BUT after a short while you realise that no-one knows your child like you do! You have been teaching your child all their life, it is only the content that has changed. You have got this! and, Euka is here to help!

If you find you need to alter the program level or you need some backup, our support team are here to help. Also, check out the Euka Parent and Student group on Facebook. They are a very helpful bunch!

Stage 2: Fear

Fear that your child might get left behind is common. When you find your child can complete their work in a few hours you begin to wonder if perhaps you are missing something. Rest assured, children in mainstream school do not work from 9 -3. If you take out recess, lunch, library, discipline, rehearsals for school plays, assembly etc, only a part of the day is actually spent on teaching. With this in mind, Euka ensures that our program leaves plenty of room in each day to pursue activities that students have a desire or talent for.

A common problem today is young adults completing school and not having a clear idea of what they like, or have a talent for. The Euka program deliberately leaves plenty of time for children to develop their gifts and talents and to explore areas of interest they have been learning about. Our program is designed to be a part of family time, not separate from it. Your children will cover the full curriculum just like they do at school, but better still they will have had the opportunity to try many extra things, devote time to areas of interest and in many cases, get some part time work.

Stage 3: We’ve got this phase

In between the spilt paint, crossed out activity sheet and truancy, there will be times when you can actually say “we’ve got this”. Children quickly begin to get into the rhythm of sitting at a desk and then begin to show an interest in getting stuck into work, rather than the fridge. Celebrate each success and learn from the “Nailed it” moments. Both are valuable learning experiences.

Stage 4: I give up phase

Unlike “we’ve got this”, “I can’t do this, I give up”, is a brief phase we should expect. After all, no matter what new thing we jump into, there will be a moment of less than enthusiastic reflection. However, the very next day you will again see the burst of pride from your child over a piece of work completed or an exciting project and you will be reminded that it is so worth it! We hear daily from families whose children are thriving in a way they could not have anticipated.

Stage 5: Halleluiah phase

All of a sudden you will find yourself nearing the end of a Term or year and you will wonder where the time went. Your children will need your support less and they will be filling you in on what they are doing at the end of the day. The time will come when someone will seek you out as they begin their own homeschool journey and your wealth of knowledge and encouragement will surprise you and be just what they need to hear.