How to Homeschool a Distracted Child

Homeschooling a child who is easily distracted can be a frustrating challenge, especially when you have other kids. Here are some ideas on how to keep your distracted child focused on their learning so that you can have a successful day.

1) Do Learning One on One

If your child is highly distracted, they probably do better in a setting where they are getting sole attention instead of in group learning where it is easier for them to allow their brains (or bodies) to wander around without getting noticed. Sitting beside them and guiding their learning experience draws their attention back to what they are supposed to be doing.

2) Use Short Lessons

The shorter, the better. Don’t expect a child who can’t stay focused to sit through a long, drawn-out lesson. Short bursts allow a child to learn fast and absorb information before they think of something else.

3) Reward Successes

If a child manages to complete a task with limited attention loss, call it a win and give them a reward for their efforts. This could be as simple as free time, a snack, computer play, or hugs and high fives. Creating a positive response for success means that they will try to replicate that feeling again with their next effort.

4) Cut Out Distractions

In a house full of children, it can be really hard to remove noise and actions that can be deterrents to focusing. If you can move to a quieter area of the house to work, where there aren’t windows to stare through (close blinds or curtains), screens to look at, or toys to play with, it can make a world of difference.

5) Take Breaks

Give them gaps in the schedule to allow themselves the freedom to be distracted.

6) Use Music

Try to listen to music without words that has a rhythmic or calming beat. This can trigger the brain to focus more clearly as it’s got something to keep it busy while the child is working on what you’ve given them to do.

7) Vary the Delivery

Doing the same thing over and over gets boring. Is there a way you can change up today’s lesson to catch your child off guard, surprise them, and gain their attention?

8) Use Highly Visual or Interactive Learning Opportunities

Videos and computers can be fast-paced, which is exactly what children who can’t stay focused need. The constant change in picture, keeps their brains stimulated and wanting to see what’s next. Another idea is to get hands-on. If a child is trying to figure something out and loves what they are exploring, they can actually hyper-focus instead of letting their brains wander. You will find most lessons in the Euka program have a hands-on component. If you find your child is focussed during the hands-on activity and distracted during the activity sheet, reduce the expectation of activity sheets. Choose carefully the ones you feel will be beneficial and replace others with verbal questioning.

9) Find an Area of Interest

A child who wants to learn will be much more focused than a child who doesn’t. Find something they are curious about and you will see how much better they are able to learn. If you find you need extension in an area of interest, just let the Euka team know. We will be happy to supply extra learning material to support the area of interest.

10) Exercise Before Focusing

Studies have shown that kids who spend time doing active exercising before they need to focus do better during learning time. Go for a run around the yard or up and down the stairs, use exercise equipment, or any other of your favourite morning fitness routines before you sit down to work.

It can be a real struggle to find the most helpful solution. Try combining a few of these ideas for your distracted learner and see what works best for your child.