Homeschooling and Working – It is Possible!

The good news is that it’s doable. Below, we give you three great ways to ensure that homeschooling and work, work!

Stagger homeschooling and working hours

With younger students homeschooling you might consider staggering hours with your spouse then you’ll always have the home base covered. Someone will always be home, so you will just need to set up a schedule that works for your family and make sure everyone is aware of and sticks to it. However, you can maximize the time you do get to spend together by trying to have the same days off.

WOrk from home

These days, there are loads of work-at-home opportunities and we have seen a huge upswing in parents working from home since COVID.

By working from home, you’ll have the advantage of always being at home with your children while still bringing in an income. Depending on the ages of your children, you may want to schedule time for homeschooling questions, so that you can both be working uninterrupted, at the same time. With younger children, spending an hour or two in the morning can cover their lessons and free them up to play while you work.

In reality, every family is different and it will take a Term or two to get into a rhythm that works for you.

Homeschool in the evening

If you haven’t landed a job working from home and can’t stand the thought of staggering hours with your spouse, then consider trying to work the same hours your spouse works and splitting the homeschooling responsibilities in the evenings (or whatever hours you’re available).

There is nothing written anywhere that says learning only takes place between the hours of 8AM and 3PM. Perhaps for your family, it would be easier to start homeschooling around 4PM? Maybe you’re all night owls who’d rather stay up late working and sleep in later in the daytime hours.

Whatever your situation is, keep in mind that learning can take place ANY hour of the day.