102 Things to do this Summer

Things seem to be slowly trending back toward normal, but with Covid-19 still a concerning issue, those looking for socially distanced activities to do with children this summer need to look no further! With the abounding resources available on the internet, the sunny days of summer, and a little creativity, your kids will have a summer filled with fun memories.

The following list of summer activities will help your family take full advantage of summer learning fun and help spark your creativity to make the summer all that it should be!  Kids can choose any activity they are interested in and complete them in any order they like (most children enjoy checking them off as they complete them). Some items require parental permission but others are suitable for kids to complete on their own. Some can even be done with the entire family!

Take a moment to review the list, and see which activities best suit your family. With these 102 things for your summer bucket list, you may just escape the “I’m bored” doldrums this summer!