The Euka values of Empowering, Trail-blazing, Passionate and Exceptional extend right through the company. From the caring support team to the teachers creating new lessons, we strive to provide an education that changes lives.

As a result, we are thrilled to share with you the latest exciting upgrade to the High School (Grades 7-10) Euka program. With the desire to provide instant feedback to students while also making the journey easier for parents, we have now included markable questions within many of the lessons themselves. This has allowed us to take many of the questions that would normally be done on an activity sheet, and bring the lessons to life. You will find that from Term 3, questions will appear within many lessons in English, Science, Health, Launchpad, History or Geography, encouraging the students to be active learners, using their learning as they go, and checking and updating their responses.

Active learning develops a child’s confidence, engagement and the overall effectiveness of their learning. The benefits continue with the opportunity to cut down on printing of activity sheets, instant marking and printable completed activity sheets.

After trialling the additional active learning content with students in Term 2 the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with parents reporting their children are more focused and independent in their learning.

So how does it work?

Variety is the key. There are a huge array of new types of questions. From crosswords that are instantly marked, to questions aimed at having students share their understanding. Students can “check” their answers, and most importantly have the opportunity to update their answers based on their new understanding. This is the most effective way to learn!

Instant feedback encourages the increased development of concept acquisition.

How will Activity Sheets work?

Ensuring we support every family to Homeschool in their own way, is fundamental to empowering Euka families. To provide the greatest freedom and opportunity, we will enable parents to choose between printing off the full activity sheet files (including the questions within the lessons) or printing the compressed version that only includes questions or activities not able to be embedded in the lessons.

Watch the following video for a walk through:

Supporting the Euka Homeschooling community is our passion and we trust you will find these new additions will make the journey even better.